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Top 4 Perks of Working As A Travel Nurse

The recent pandemic has changed the way people perceive healthcare professionals. The global crisis has made people realize the importance of healthcare professionals and skyrocketed the demand for professionals like registered nurses, doctors, surgeons, and travel nurses. As there is a rising demand for healthcare professionals, hospitals, clinics, and many other private and government healthcare facilities are offering countless travel nursing jobs for qualified candidates. 

Being a travel nurse(TN) is one of the most sought-after professions. Apart from getting opportunities to travel a lot, you get to explore numerous cities, cultures, and lifestyles. If you love to travel and explore cities while earning money, this is what you are looking for. If you are thinking about pursuing a profession, here are the top 4 perks of working as a travel nurse: 

  • Opportunity to Discover New Places

One of the top benefits of working as a TN is traveling across all states and staying there for the duration of your work. The company mostly pays for the accommodations, so you don’t have to worry about looking for hotels while working. One day you might look at the picturesque skyline of New York, and the other day, you get to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Alaskan frontier. There are no limits on where your TN job can take you. Most work assignments are from various states, so being a TN offers many travel opportunities that only a few professions provide. Many nurses also agree that traveling and exploring help them in their professional and personal lives. 

  • Flexibility and Freedom of Work

The freedom to choose the time and location of work is why many want to become travel nurses. As a TN, you get to take time from your assigned work for your family and friends. Most nurses who travel extensively for their work often plan their schedules so that they get plenty of free time to pursue their interests and do things that matter to them. 

  • High Demand

The recent COVID-19 pandemic exposed the shortcomings of healthcare systems across the world. The whole world woke up to realize that their survival can be challenging without the help of healthcare professionals like nurses. As hospitals and clinics were flooded with patients, people witnessed a nationwide shortage of nurses and healthcare professionals. 

The demand for travel nursing jobs has significantly increased in the last few years. Hospitals are more likely to keep TNs in a close network to deal with medical emergencies. As people witnessed how pandemic can disrupt their lives and create uncertainty in life, more and more people are looking for more personalized healthcare with the help of nurses. All these factors lead to rising demands for travel nurses across the world. 

  • Exceptional Income Opportunities

The most sought-after and lucrative perk of being a TN is the exceptional income opportunities. A report by healthaffairs.org put light on some exciting income facts about TNs. Many nurses often get the chance to double or even quadruple their salary. During the COVID-19 peak, travel nurses’ national wages increased by 25%. 

Most TN staff earn around $73,300 per year. Since the rising demand after the pandemic, any TN can make about $50 per hour and between $5000 to $10000 per week, which is exceptionally good. That means most TNs earn more than $100K every year. As they decide their hours, their earning potential stays in their control.

A travel nurse is a reputed and highly sought-after profession. The ability to decide your work schedule, freedom to choose the work location, and fantastic earning potential make travel nurses an admirable and high-demand job opportunity.


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