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What guys really need: men-friendly cosmetic products packing?

Girls are from Venus, and guys are from Mars. That’s all we’ve probably heard or read before. How much further can these disparities extend? For any organization, mass marketing methods to products branding are scarcely the ideal option.

Glittery, shimmering cosmetics are popular among women, but what about men? What are they looking for? Identifying and correcting gender bias in the labeling of cosmetic products and skin care items may have a significant influence on the level of purchase behavior. According to investigations, perhaps there is something special about the packing of female and male items.

How do both genders want their product to be packed?

Let’s look at whether a gender sees and is impacted by 3 key expectations and perceptions: form, color, and artwork.

What shapes do men prefer?

The general design of a good can provide a strong statement about whether it appeals to men or women. Guys favor more utilitarian designs such as rectangles or pretty much straight designs, whereas women prefer free-form, curving, or rounder shapes.

This is a common occurrence in the cosmetics sector, especially in items like body sprays and fragrances. Although several feminist fragrances like curving designs, most male perfumes choose angular designs such as cubes or octagons.

How color choices are different?

Men like chilly shades and grayscale hues like dark and drab when it relates to hues. Vivid hues, on the reverse side, are appreciated by women.

Despite the fact that many firms are now attempting to handle quality and packaging branding for guys in a much more real – time manner, the most popular colors for men’s cosmetics, such as after trim, antiperspirants, and perfumes, are still grey, black, blue, and brown. Most of the business is dominated by these macho hues.

What graphics do men and women prefer?

Graphics, whether logos or additional graphics added to the packaging for Knowledge or educational reasons can play a part in designing packaging that is appealing to males. Simple images that help explain the item’s purpose and advantages without ruffles or filler appeal to guys. But on the other side, their women peers are more devoted to certain companies or logos and react well to more detailed designs and aesthetic aspects.

Beauty commodities and fragrances, moisturizers, gels and lotions, and other goods might be used as inspiration in this area. Guys love basic layouts and a distinct unique item story, whereas feminine perfumes or items may include ornamental features such as gilt tips, glittering, or dazzle to draw more attention.

Enticing to guys via boxing– the greater vision

Though many of the qualities we identify with females and males are present in their choices, preferences, and tastes for forms, colors, and images for use in good or service branding, the main difficulty is to create and mold a package layout that is special to your company.

While employing the proper forms, colors, and images is an important integral part of the overall product line, packing experts and marketing professionals must still produce unique packages to fulfill the basic goals:

  • Skin care packaging idea express company principles properly
  • teach on product attributes
  • fulfill on efficiency
  • represent company’s brand
  • provide a multisensory encounter
  • convey a narrative

It’s tough enough to achieve most of these qualities in a single product line. Incorporating gender variances to these needs makes it much more difficult for goods firms to develop in the fields of men’s self products and beauty.

Consider your skin care packaging ideas as well as custom printing alternatives.

The next step is to select the ingredients and specialized printing options for your package.

There are plenty of ways to spice up your packing. Take into account, however, that the more sophisticated your packing is, the pricier your spending will be. Depending on your product, updates may be required

Some are design options that might assist you in achieving a certain appearance and feel. Aluminum, stamping, copper, or ink with a wavy texture can not only make your package feel more rising, luxurious, and enjoyable but will also increase the value of your product. Remember that women like more vibrant, shiny items, so using bright colors, glitters, and shimmers, among other things, will benefit your business. Men, on the other hand, prefer more subtle elements, such as matte, dark hues, and sophisticated packaging, thus if you’re packing macho items, picking matte, symmetrical will be advantageous.


The cosmetics and skin care sector is quite large. You must first classify your target audience, whether they are teenagers, babies, ladies, or men. Choose your package style after you’ve segmented your target. Use simple typography, sparkly, glossy, or platinum finishes when packaging skin care products for ladies. Curvy or italic typefaces should be used. Women love light tones, so choose colors that are more neutral, bold, or brilliant, but keep in mind that not all women enjoy pink.

The same method applies to both newborns and men. If you’re packing things for males, you should have a general notion of what they desire and pack appropriately. Grey, black, blue, and dark tones are more common in men’s packaging. They favor packaging that is symmetrical, cubic, and rectangular. Most men choose strong typefaces for a premium look and prefer matte, aqueous, or UV coating, but keep in mind that not all ladies favor pink or light tones, and some men do not like dark shades either. So forge ahead on it and figure out what men and women desire in packaging.

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