Real -Time Marketing is a marketing method which, as it is easy to guess from the term itself, is based on reactivity in real time with the ultimate aim of generating redemption for the company. Lately more and more widespread, this approach has as its key principle the constant monitoring of trends on the network , so as to react proactively by creating marketing campaigns that generate visibility and conversions .

The originality of the approach and the message and the speed of production are the basis of anyReal-Time Marketing project which, if well done, can produce truly unexpected results.

From a strategic point of view, however, the guidelines to be taken into account are three :

  1. The goal : that is the target to which to communicate the marketing message.
  2. The medium : that is the platform or platforms on which to decline the marketing message, for example one or more social networks (the media used for Real-Time Marketing, in particular Twitter).
  3. The principle : that is the specific objective of the project.

Simplifying as much as possible, Real-Time Marketing works when the marketing team or company not only identifies the correct trend to which to queue its commercial proposal and the moment in which to communicate it to users, but also the correct ways to make remain the message expressed in the minds of potential buyers.

What are the main advantages of Real-Time Marketing?

Like all marketing approaches , even the one in real time can bring with it an undeniable series of advantages , as long as the communicated message is correct from every point of view: content, visual, platform, timing.

Among the main benefits of Real-Time Marketing it is worth mentioning:

  • The company’s ability to fit into a trend
  • The potential for virality on social networks
  • The ability to attract the attention of a wider slice of the public thanks to a temporally correct communication
  • The increase in brand awareness
  • The increase in brand reputation
  • Lead generation
  • The ability to monitor and study the reactions of the target audience in real time

Ultimately, the launch of immediate communications allows you to creatively take advantage of particular moments that, by their very nature, are attractive to users .

Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the very strong digital evolution has radically changed the purchasing behavior of users, who today are looking for answers, products and services with ever more immediacy than in the past, thanks to the constant use of mobile devices. Just as users are updated in real time with regard to news, so too companies are adapting more and more to the speed in the production of information . It is therefore inevitable that this paradigm shift will also end up influencing commercial campaigns !

Some tips for approaching Real-Time Marketing

NAXA experts are at your disposal to study with you aReal-Time Marketing strategythat allows you to take advantage of trends and viral moments to propose your product or service.

In any case, here are some suggestions to start approaching this advertising method:

  • Always stay informed about future events that will generate interest for your target audience. Do this by monitoring their behavior on social networks and keeping yourself updated on the type of content that produces the most reactions and comments.
  • Rely on a team of specialists who, professionally and quickly, can quickly produce high-value campaigns: from the community manager to the copywriter, from the art director to the account manager.
  • Choose carefully when to bring your Real-Time Marketing campaign to life – invest in action when there is a good chance of generating a reaction. This means taking into consideration all the factors that can influence your campaign: the platform or platforms on which you decide to launch it, the language to be used, the implementation times, the monitoring methods, the budget to invest.

Do you want to find out how to carry out successful Real-Time Marketing campaigns? Come and talk about it in NAXA.

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