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What is Rummy? Strategies To Win Rummy Game


Rummy is one of the oldest card games to have been played in the world. Card games have been very popular going as far back as people remember. Every culture in the world has played cards in some way or the other. It was the cheapest and most fun mode of pass time, this is because all you need is a deck of cards to play this game. Also, you are playing with your friends and family so you are bound to have a good time.

Everyone has their own versions and variations of playing cards. Somewhere it is Rummy, Poker, Blackjack and many more.

In India, it has always been Rummy, specifically 13 card rummy which has been created by combining Gin and Rummy 500. The people of India have been playing rummy for a long time. Family dinners, friends gatherings, and specially in vacations, rummy captures the essence of a fun time.

Understanding Rummy

Rummy is a game based entirely on skill, and these skills can be mastered only by constantly playing the game. The game requires decks each containing 52 cards. You could need more than 1 deck depending on variation of rummy.

All rummy games essentially have the same way to win and that is to make the perfect sequence. Once you have mastered the art of making a perfect sequence with the cards you’ve been dealt you are well on your way to being a champion at the game.

One special thing about Rummy as a variation of card games is that Joker plays a very important part in the game. The more Jokers you have, the stronger your position is in the game.

Strategies to Win Rummy Game

The game of rummy is skill based. So it is very necessary that players are aware of the strategies related to the game. These strategies can be a great help in aiding you to win the game.

The key strategies in the game of rummy are:

  • Bluffing

A major skill in most of these card games is bluffing. It is important to be able to play your cards right, even if you have been dealt a bad hand of cards. So, bluffing is one of the key strategies in the way to win a game of rummy.

  • Collect Joker

The Joker card plays an important role in the game of rummy. The more Jokers you collect, the more you increase your chances of winning the game.

  • Know when to Drop out

The most essential thing in the game of rummy is knowing when to drop out or rather when to lay down your cards. If you do not see yourself winning the game with the hand you’ve been dealt, it is better to tap out from the game, then to lose a lot of money for no reason.

  • Make a Pure Sequence

The foremost thing you need to be aware of in rummy is what are the sequences. You need to be aware of how to use your cards and in what way so that they help you win a game.

How to Download Rummy Time

Rummy Time is one of the best Rummy gaming apps and is available in many languages. It is pretty easy to download the Rummy Time apk. You can follow the below steps and have the app on your mobile phone within minutes.

Step 1: Open a browser, Eg: Google, Tor, etc…

Step 2: Type Gamesrummy.in in the search bar and click on search.

Step 3: Click on the link for gamerummy website from the results.

Step 4: Once the website opens, type Rummy Time on the search bar on top.

Step 5: The display page for the Rummy Time app opens.

Step 6: Click on the ‘install now’ tab.

The app is downloaded, and you can enjoy the game of rummy anytime anywhere on your phone.

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