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Why Should I Have a Pooled Employer Plan?

If you’ve been struggling with the current labor situation and the many difficult factors facing business owners today, you may feel like starting a retirement plan isn’t feasible right now. It might seem like adding one more item to your daily routine is simply impossible with how busy you are.

But if this sounds like you, there are some compelling options available that can help you navigate this difficult time, while still offering your employees great retirement plans.

One such solution is the Pooled Employer Plan. The Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) allows multiple small businesses to enjoy the perks typically reserved for only very large companies.

How Does a Pooled Employer Plan Work?

As a small business, you don’t have many resources on your own. Sure, you might generate a lot of revenue, and you and your employees might make great salaries every year. However, you might not be able to afford to offer a very impressive retirement plan to your workers.

This is the situation for many different, unrelated small businesses. Because this sentiment is so common, Pooled Employer Plans exist to allow multiple small businesses to join forces and offer their workers outstanding 401k plan options.

How Does a Pooled Employer Plan Benefit Employers?

As a small business owner, you probably have ten different tasks to finish before lunch. In all reality, you likely work much more than 40 hours a week and have very little extra time to devote to filing 401k paperwork or managing your employees’ plans.

Pooled Employer Plans are managed by a Pooled Plan Provider, also known as a PPP. The Pooled Plan Provider takes care of all of the administrative duties, ensuring that you are maintaining compliance with all government rules pertaining to 401k retirement plans.

Better yet, Pooled Employer Plans keep your employees happy and reduce the chances that they will leave your company.

How Does a Pooled Employer Plan Benefit Employees?

While some employees might prefer to have more customizability with regards to their 401k plans, they will all appreciate the various perks that come with a Pooled Employer Plan.

For one thing, Pooled Employer Plans include numerous educational opportunities. These educational components help employees learn more about their finances so that they can better plan for the future.

Furthermore, employees tend to be able to maintain more money in their Pooled Employer Plan due to the fact that there are lower costs associated with managing the plan. These lower costs are appealing to all employees, no matter what their views on retirement are!

Standalone 401k Plans

The main alternative to a Pooled Employer Plan is a Standalone 401k. This type of plan offers increased customizability as compared to the Pooled Employer Plan. However, they are often less beneficial for both employees and employers, as they require much more administrative responsibility and are often associated with higher costs.

Are you ready to start a 401k plan for your business? If so, talk to a plan provider about a Pooled Employer Plan today!

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