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Your Guide To Getting A Partner Visa In Australia

You and your partner have decided to spend the rest of your lives together – now what? The next logical step would be moving in together and planning your nuptials. However, if you’re from Australia and your partner is a resident of another country, or is in Australia on a temporary visa, the best course of action would be to get them a partner visa for Australia. While this could easily be set up by consulting a professional visa agent in Melbourne, it is important that you too understand the basics of attaining a partner visa in Australia, and given below are all the basics you need to know:

What makes you eligible for a partner visa?

To be eligible for a partner visa and be sponsored, you must either be married, engaged, or in a de facto relationship with an eligible sponsor. A de facto relationship essentially defines a couple living together but aren’t married.

What makes you eligible as a sponsor?

To sponsor your partner for a visa in Australia, you must either be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or a citizen in New Zealand. However, if you have sponsored an ex-partner in the last five years, they may not be able to sponsor your current partner.

How does the application process begin?

Irrespective of the type of partner visa application you pursue, the application process begins with presenting evidence that you are indeed in a committed relationship with your partner, irrespective of your marital status. If your partner is also located in Australia, the applications can be lodged under 820/821, and if they are not in Australia the application is presented under 300. Once the application for a partner visa goes ahead, the visa comes in two stages. The first stage entails the application for a provisional visa and the second stage entails the application for a permanent visa.

What are the requirements for a married couple?

If you and your partner are married your marriage must be legal under Australian law for the partner visa application. You both must be living together, and show devotion and commitment towards each other. If the partner is overseas, the authorities most likely grant the Provisional Visa for the partner to come live in Australia until the Permanent Visa is granted.

What are the requirements for an engaged couple?

For an engaged couple applying for a visa, they must demonstrate genuine intention to marry each other nine months from the date of receiving their partner visa. The couple would also need to present evidence of a marriage date that is recognized by a legitimate marriage authority whether this is in Australia or elsewhere. The partner would then be granted a Prospective Marriage Visa until a decision for their Permanent Visa is reached by the authorities.

What are the requirements for a couple in a de facto relationship?

For those applying for a visa under a de facto relationship, they need to have been living under the same roof in a relationship for at least 12 months before applying. The authorities would review their case and provide a Provisional Partner Visa until a Permanent Visa is granted.

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