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3 Benefits of Pre-Manufactured Steel Structures For Ranchers & Farmers

The agriculture and livestock business run on acres of farmland. Therefore it’s essential to safely store the numerous agricultural pieces of machinery and livestock, especially when natural calamities like tornados and hurricanes hit. Ranchers and farmers have used farm yards for decades, and now, with time, the farm yards have also upgraded.

Traditional yards were mainly made of wood, but modern ranchers and farmers use steel farm yards to safely store their heavy machinery, agricultural vehicles, crops, livestock, and almost everything involved in ranching and farming. If you own or operate any ranching or farming business or operation, here are three benefits of steel yards for your ranch or farm.


Agriculture and livestock businesses run on razor-thin profits. Hence the ranchers and farm managers are extra careful when buying new assets, like setting up a new yard for the farm. It’s essential to ensure that the new yard doesn’t adversely affect the budget and turns out to be a good return on the investment. 

Farm yards are used to store expensive pieces of machinery, crops, livestock, tractors, and many other things that could get damaged if they are exposed to natural elements like sun, rain, snow, and dust. 

For instance, if the machinery suffers any damage due to the elements, fixing or replacing them would cost a lot of money. Investing in steel farm yards is an excellent decision as it protects all the machinery and other important farm stuff. This way, you don’t have to break your bank for repairs, maintenance, or replacement. 

Safety from birds and rodents

One of the major problems many farmers and ranchers deal with is the nuisance caused by birds. In wooden barns and yards, the ceilings are supported by sectional beams. These beams are the perfect spots for birds to make nests. The droppings from the birds can severely damage the expensive equipment and also increase the cleaning effort. 

Steel farm yards are pre-engineered structures that do not require sectional beams, meaning there are no spots where the birds can build their nests. The entire structure is primarily uniform, so even the rodents can’t make their way from the roof.

Superwide column-free span

Farm equipment like hay balers, tractors, crop dusters, corn, pickers, trailers, mowers, trucks, and many other machinery are massive. Navigating them inside and in and out of the yard can be a headache, especially when the yard is made of wood and an older arch-type barn structure

These traditional structures often have smaller doorwards and multiple interior columns to support the structure. The columns make it challenging to maneuver the machinery in the yard. Even a minor bump to the column can collapse the entire structure. Thankfully that isn’t the case with pre-engineered steel yards.

Modern steel yard structures are made of super strong steel with high tensile strength. That means they don’t need interior columns to support the structure. The steel structures can span up to 300’ wide without needing any interior columns. That means you can easily park the machinery inside and take it out without any hassle. Thus, the expensive machinery stays safe inside from all the natural elements and calamities like storms, snow, heavy rains, and winds. 

Modern ranchers are always looking to protect their ranch and farm assets at any cost. Investing in the superstrong steel yards will reduce accidents, protect the machinery and livestock, and save you from the massive overhead of yard maintenance for decades. 



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