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5 Things You Should Know About Residential Water Filter Systems

When most people think of water filtration, they think of pitchers or filters built into refrigerators. This is understandable because drinking water tends to require the most thorough filtration. However, there are more reasons to filter water in your home and more ways you can choose to do so. Here are five things you should know about residential water filter systems.

  1. A Whole House System Can Be Very Beneficial

You may choose to install a whole house water filter in your home for a variety of reasons. While water is treated before it enters your home, you may have more filtration or purification standards than your municipality does. You may choose to install a whole house system for convenience, to save money in the long term or to further soften the water you use in your home. Overall, a whole house system can help you ensure all the water you use in your home is filtered to your specifications whether you’re drinking it or using it to wash your dishes.

  1. There Are Several Types of Whole House Systems

A whole house water filtration system will almost always be installed on your home’s main water line because it’s the easiest way for all the water in your home to be treated before it’s ready to use. However, there are different types of whole house water filters you can choose from. Three of the most common are heavy-duty filters, reverse osmosis filters and carbon filters. Heavy-duty filters are typically the most expensive type because they are technologically advanced, but they greatly reduce water waste and improve your home’s eco-friendliness. Reverse osmosis filters use polarity to purify your water, but they’re better suited for washing water than drinking water. Carbon filters are common, inexpensive and don’t require much maintenance. They can filter trace minerals, sediment, rust and chlorine.

  1. You Need To Take Many Factors into Account

If you’re interested in a whole house water filter, you need to consider several factors. Compare the cost of the system you’re interested in and the potential savings over time to your overall budget. Think about the system that would be the best fit for your home and your filtration needs. Consider how a whole house system might compare to your current filtration options and whether it would be an improvement. Some people may not need whole house systems because their current filtration systems, such as under-sink filters or faucet-integrated filters, are sufficient.

  1. Get Your System Maintained And Your Water Tested Regularly

You may first test your water to see whether it needs additional filtration or purification. Once you install a system, you should test it and your water regularly to ensure the system is working as intended and to check whether filtration components need to be replaced. You should also get your system maintained regularly. If you installed the system yourself, you should be able to perform routine maintenance yourself and call an expert as needed. However, if you needed an expert to install your system for you, you should rely on him or her to test and maintain the system for you.

  1. You Need To Understand the Difference Between Filtration And Purification

All water filtration purifies water, but filtering isn’t the only type of water purification. Filtering is a type of physical water purification that involves removing various contaminants from water. Depending on where your water is sourced from, your municipal water treatment facility may filter organic or inorganic biological materials or chemical compounds. Sometimes, additional methods of purification are required. These methods include boiling, UV light treatment, distillation, sedimentation and chemical purification.

If you’re interested in installing a water filtration system in your home, make sure you speak with experts about your interest and why you want one. An expert should be able to help you choose the best type of filtration system for your needs and budget and determine the best way to install it.

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