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7 Essential Steps While Writing A Good Blog Post

Sometimes content writers seem like magicians. We have the ability to create amazingbusiness bloggingfrom nothing.

Important point about magicians:

They can’t do magic.

However, Instead study and practice certain behaviors until they create the illusion of creating something from nothing.

All creative people do the same . We learn and practice our craft. This allows us to make consistent improvements incontent and, and, if we’re fortunate, build habits that will lead to better output. Try some free blogging courses on tutflix and grow your knowledge.

Today’s post will address the “consistent output” part.

7 steps for writing the best blog post on your topic

These are the steps that I use to create great blog posts.

This simple process can help you learn how to create a blog post that is good. You don’t have to be frustrated or cry.

Instead of trying to pull a rabbit from a hat like a magician, be a gardener.

  1. Smart topic ideas are possible

Start many seedlings…

You’re setting yourself up to frustration and wasted time if you don’t have a clear idea of the topic you will be writing about before you start to write.

It’s better to go for a walk with a pencil and an indexcard. Take a walk and note anyarticle ideasyou come across. (Not necessarily the one that you are writing.

Productive writers understand that they need to capture as many of their ideas and concepts as possible.

A “idea seedling” could be a post idea or a theme.

However, You may find yourself constantly short of ideas. You can make a promise to capture at most five content ideas per day, even the boring and stupid ones. You will get morecontent ideas the more you capture.

  1. You are prepared for high quality writing

You must have soil, water, and sun.

These things are essential for gardens to thrive.

You have tomake a living onlineas a writer.

However, To write a great blog post, you will need to be free from distractions and interruptions. You should turn off your electronic notifications at least during work hours. Most likely, you have equipment that you like. Perhaps you have a writing ritual.

Cal Newport refers to quality writing asdeepwork.

You need space, privacy, and time to hear what you think.

  1. Your content should be outlined

Get down to business

What happens next after you have all the seedlings?

However, When writing blog content, I prefer to use subheads. These subheads form an inherent structure, similar to the one you would use to grow tomatoes. You can quickly glance at the final version to determine if it is useful and relevant.

However, These are also useful for writing scannable content which can grab a reader’s attention quickly, and encourage her to spend more time reading.

Others find mind maps very helpful. Mind maps don’t work for me. But, if you like them, they’re worth it.

However, Once you have a framework in place, it is possible to start anywhere. To write a great blog post, you don’t have to start from the beginning. You can just jump in wherever you feel like it and create a paragraph.

However, Most likely, you won’t be ready yet to finish the draft. If you are ready, move on to the next step. You can capture any words and phrases that come to mind. Expand on any points and make notes of stories or examples. Finally, track down links that you want to refer to.

  1. To get started, create a blog post.

However, You can write freely Get your draft copy down quickly when you are ready. If you are not a skilled writer, don’t worry too much about grammar and usage.

It’s not unusual for ADD-kittens to think of all sorts of crazy things. That’s fine. It’s okay.

However, You can always start new ideas seedlings if you have tangents that don’t fit in this storyselling piece. However, You can move them to your idea seedlings system as soon as they don’t interrupt your writing flow. To promote your posts on Instagram, try picuki, a free Instagram editor and viewer.

  1. Go deeper

You can talk to yourself…

However, Talk to yourself if your fingers aren’t moving on the keyboard. What would you say if you were talking to a friend, client or colleague about this topic?

Privacy is a good thing. Some of us don’t have the social confidence or ability to speak out loud in a coffee shop.

However, What is it that makes you mad about this topic? That always makes for interesting work. Is there anything frustrating? What would you like people to do differently? What were you doing wrong?

However, You should try to transcribe your own thoughts as fast as possible. Do not worry if your mutterings look a little funny on the page. There’s plenty of time for that.

  1. Make your first draft into a blog post.

Thin and prune…

However, Once you have a few words in your framework, it’s time to trim them. Anyone who can write a blog post well is an content editor. What is themain idea for this post. It’s sometimes different than what you imagined when you started.

What parts of this blog post are full of energy? You could move them to the start to make astronger introduction.

However, What parts of this article belong elsewhere? These are idea seedlings. Don’t cut them out! Listen to what you say aloud. You will soon be able to read what you have written aloud. I prune twice as fast as I write the original draft.

However, It is worth going through as many sessions of pruning as possible. It is usually better to make a pruning pass and then rest the post for a while before you return to it.

  1. For your future success, set yourself up

More seedlings to plant…

However, It is essential to edit your work thoroughly in order to create quality work. But when you are satisfied with good enough, clickPublishand move on to the next idea.

However, You should pair yourcreativity exerciseswith acalendar. That, It’s your turn to ship it, then learn from it and start the next one.

Writing and gardening are both cyclical. There is always something new.

Stress over a piece of writing that did not turn out how you expected it to, is a sign that you should be writing more.

However, Worrying about writing is not writing. Shaming yourself for the many ways you don’t measure up is not writing. Even endless edits aren’t writing.

Sometimes, even a piece you didn’t lovecan become a fan favorite. We don’t always have the best idea of how a piece of writing will turn out.

However, Keep an eye out for more ideas. Get started on the next one. also,Write until you are satisfied. You can prune until you are satisfied.

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