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The Ultimate Secret Of Importance to choose the right tea cup

There’s a scene in an iconic film that is about California wines that I have always remembered. The main character is wine lover who is a living, breathing example of the wine. Through the entire film, it is a discussion of this incredible wine he’s kept for a special event. At the end of the film they go to a scene in which the man is feeling depressed, eating fast food , and drinking this wine in the Styrofoam cup.

I was thinking that this man is definitely down in the dumps. Not only that, but I also remember feeling awfully sorry for the poor guy. What must he feel about his existence to sip the most amazing wine from an Styrofoam cup? Recently, I realized that people do that all the time with tea. There is a reason why most will insist on using the wine glass but prefer the tea in a coffee cup or even an (gulp) Styrofoam cup. This is an unorthodox situation that needs to be investigated. One must know that there are different types of tea cups for different types of teas.

The material you use to make your teacup is important?

Although your teacup might seem to be an individual choice but there are three crucial things that can make a an impact on the taste of your tea and the practicality of the cup.

The interior of the cup must remain as smooth as is possible

The reason behind this is somewhat academic, but I’m going to provide the basic bones version. If the interior of the cup is porous (as it has many pores) it can absorb and store various flavors and scents. If the inside of the cup isn’t porous, the same flavors stay in tea, and the aroma will be released from onto the surface of the teacup. When you are tasting teaor any other beverage in general your nose is greater than your mouth. You can actually smell food and drink with the nose (this is a subject that I will get into in the near future). Therefore, taking the aromas and flavors out of your tea will certainly enhance the flavor of your tea and the best method to achieve this is creating a smooth interior of your cup.

The lip must be slim

Let’s revisit an analogy with wine. If you examine any wine glass, you’ll see that the rim is as thin. The reason is it lets the liquid slide off the edge of the glass, and then into your mouth in a smooth way. The same is true for tea. You should choose the teacup with a thin lip that taper to the point where it ends. So that the tea can flow over your tongue and give your taste buds the best exposure. If you’d like to test this out, take a sip of water taken from a ladle instead of the equivalent of a teaspoon. The difference is huge.

Your teacup should be functional

It would be amazing to wake up each day and make use of an 18th Century piece of teaware from the past. But for everyday use, we require something that is easy to use also easy and clean. That’s why I make sure to use cups that won’t cause burns to my hands for my daily tea cup. The best method to accomplish this is to locate an attractive cup that has a handle or a silicone cover that lets users to grip the cups without risking burning their hands. As for being you want to keep them clean, ensure that they are dishwasher safe.

So, what’s the most suitable material for teacups?

First, let’s eliminate the most popular designs of teacups.

StonewareThis is the stuff that coffee mugs are made from. While they’re durable, they’re not recommended due to their porous and the lip is too heavy. Except for a teacup made of stone specifically for tea, this will not be suitable for taste.

We’re left with porcelain

Porcelain is the most popular choice because it’s so smooth. Many have amazing lips because they’re thin, and allow all teas to taste great. Be sure to choose an appropriate teacup that is sturdy enough as some might have too much thickness and easily break.


Don’t be the person who drinks an expensive bottle of wine from the Styrofoam cup. A quality teacup will improve the experience of drinking tea in ways that you could never have thought of. If you select a ceramic one, they will last for quite a while, enough to pass them through generations.

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