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8 Excellent Reasons To Use An Electronic Messaging Specialist To Enhance Customer Growth

The relief you feel waking up at home is difficult to describe. You have always been one to get up and go and tackle anything yourself head-on, despite not always being an expert in it. Only this time you got it wrong, and wasted time and money.

You have a decent little microbrewery business with a couple of employees, but it took you far too long to realise that you were missing out on custom by trying to carry out the marketing yourself. If only you had listened to a friend who started to use the services of Prodocom long ago for 8 excellent reasons.

  1. Rather than your ham-fisted attempts at what could be loosely described as a marketing strategy, going to a company with 25 years of experience guaranteed expertise and results. It proved to be extremely cost-effective and saved immeasurable time that you were wasting going around the houses.
  2. The strategy of leaving it to experts worked as they provided marketing solutions that were quick and had a high success rate, guaranteeing email security as mailshots were sent to email addresses, both from his customer base and those generically produced. At the same time, he knew he was dealing with a company of integrity, that offered email security along with unsubscribe and opt-out availability. All of which are part of the growth of internet marketing.
  3. As well as emails, SMS messaging played a huge part in the success of increasing his customer base, with messages expertly constructed to make the customers feel that they mattered.
  4. Dealing with such a professional outfit ensures 24/7 service and support communicating with a human, rather than some robot that other companies provide. This guaranteed that any issues were quickly sorted, which was the polar opposite of your desperate time-consuming attempts to find solutions on the internet without really understanding them.
  5. The value for money your peer received was excellent, as only those messages and emails that were actually delivered had to be paid for which are measured by accurate tracking reports, which also assist in forming a strategy as to who actually receives the marketing.
  6. Methodology such as A/B testing was provided to ensure the best results, similar to the system used by huge social media firms to make user experiences more successful and as a way to streamline their services. Maybe to alert customers of upcoming stadium events.
  7. SMS marketing allowed your friend’s business to let customers know about special offers and promotions within seconds, thus increasing the take-up and guaranteeing that the campaign was a success.
  8. SMS also alerts customers of updates and vital, timely information, to ensure that it reaches as high a number of receivers as possible, all exuding a professional persona to any company.

Thankfully, you contacted a professional team offering a wide range of marketing solutions that have transformed your own business in a short space of time in a cost-effective manner.

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