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9 BEST Keyword Research Tools for SEO For Beginners

Let’s face reality! The only way to succeed in your SEO strategies is to focus on using appropriate keywords. That are well organized for a specific target market. When you utilize proper keywords in your content, 92.42% of the keywords are likely to get more than ten searches every month.

On the flip side, long-tail keywords have proved to be more reliable than any other generic terms used in the content. The reality is that using this type of keyword gives you an advantage when it comes to nailing the customer intent on the search engine. When you speak of choosing keywords, you need to be keen on how this done.

To be safer, you don’t need to do this manually since you are likely to make errors that will impact your strategy at long last. The good news is that there are many free keywords research tools that you can use to get the right keywords for your operations. This article discusses the best keyword research tools that you can adopt a d get the best out of your efforts. Let’s get started!

PPCexpo Keyword Planner

Attracting customers to read your content is a daunting task that requires you to prove to be outstanding among the rest. This is only possible if you use unique keywords tailored to a specific industry to address a specified audience. PPCexpo Keyword Planner works for hand in hand with the search engine algorithm making it a competitive keyword research tool.

The tool works by ensuring that you find the highest intended keywords with a higher conversion rate than the rest. PPCexpo Keyword Planner aligns all your keywords to your target audience to ensure that every necessary point has been covered and your business can secure customers from different corners of the web.


Proper keyword research requires an adequate keyword research tool to get reliable metrics to use. Soovle is a free keyword research tool that comes in the form of a customizable engine that unites suggestions from different sources. The tool collaborates with other platforms to collect keyword suggestions from various sources to enable you to get the best keyword options to use.

Besides, the tool is easy to use since all you have to do is write the Keyword phrase and give it a couple of seconds to generate more ideas. The ideas are collected from different engines to enable you to get a clear picture of what customers want to read on the web. You can then use the keyword suggestions in your marketing content to attain your objective.

Also, you can sift through the displayed suggestions to ensure that you get exactly what you need to make your work easier. Soovle is one of the best free keywords research tools you can ever use to diversify your digital marketing efforts.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs is a more advanced keyword research tool that gives you a chance to take your Keyword research game to the next level. In addition, the tool is extremely easy to use since it comes with templates that can guide you on the way forward. You only need to have a basic understanding of keywords and their metrics.

The tool has highly advanced features that showcase the number of searches that are most likely to become real page visits at the end of the day. Note that this is not a common feature in free keyword research tools since they cannot crawl on the search engine and predict such metrics.

Ahrefs keyword explorer goes an extra mile giving you tons of Keywords suggestions available in more than two hundred countries across the globe. Also, you can tap into your competitor’s performance and evaluate what you can modify to make your campaigns better compared to others.


Apart from doing keyword research, you will also need simplicity in whatever you are doing. SECockpit has proved reliable and the most straightforward free keyword research tool for SEO. In addition to displaying related keywords after you enter the desired keyword, the tool goes further to Identify the low competition keywords, which is a crucial aspect in this scenario.

You will learn more about some keywords that get a much lower CPC in AdWords. You can also view the keywords that have been searched by customers on other platforms such as Amazon, among others. Getting this information is vital to ensuring that you have all it takes to transform your business into a larger brand in the market.

Google Keyword Planner

Google is said to have several tools that can do keyword research with the help of the free AdWord tool, popularly known as keyword planner. Do you have AdWords for some of your digital marketing campaigns? This is the right tool to help you clear the backlog at your disposal. You have to begin by creating an AdWord account before taking the next step since this is a basic necessity when using this tool.

You have the freedom to enter a single keyword, multiple keywords, or even your website address, and the tool displays tons of options that you can use. Also, the search engine can take a step further and identify the level of competition depending on the keywords you are using. Google Keyword Planner also showcases the historical statistics of every single keyword option generated to make you understand better everything that you are using.


Do you need a keyword research tool that you can use from any point, at any time? Keyword tool.io has the answer to your needs! In addition, if you have various keywords in mind and you intend to generate more long-tail keywords. For your content, this is the right tool for your needs! This is the best free keyword research tool since it accessed purely online./

The tool collaborates with the Google search engine using the autocomplete function. Once you give it a Keyword idea, it generates a long list of keywords. Ideas depending on the suggestion that you previously entered. The results are generated depending on how often the customers enter the keyword to get more details about it.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is a fantastic tool for analyzing the competitiveness of particular keywords. In most cases, it is used to identify the low competitive keywords that can generate good results when used effectively. Once you enter your keyword suggestion, it displays more options. That have been ranked depending on the competitiveness of your keyword suggestion.

After ranking the keywords, it then portrays the difficulty score of every keyword. Help you understand the nature of keywords within your industry. You can evaluate the search data to identify the appropriate keywords that you can use depending on the generated report. Also, you can identify your competitors who are ranking high using the keywords. And identify the best way to appear at the top of the game.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere work as a chrome extension that showcases your SEO keywords difficulty. Furthermore, it displays the monthly search volume of various keywords allowing you to get a clear picture. Type of keywords you need to use to be better positioned in business. Note that there are trending keywords that you need to get familiar with for the well-being of your brand.

This tool works closely with YouTube, where it generates some of its Keywords suggestions from the search history. The tool is free of charge, and you can use it in any way you want to get better. Results from your digital marketing efforts.

Keyword Snatcher

If you need long-tail keywords for your business, keyword Snatcher gives you the way to go. The tool is responsible for enhancing a website’s organic traffic to the desired levels. By ensuring that you have all it takes to secure a large market audience using keywords. It also spies on competitors and snatches the best-performing keywords in your industry to elevate your performance.

In addition, it prioritizes the areas that your competitors neglect to give you. All the necessary efforts to emerge a winner in business. You can also generate multiple keywords using the tool to get better results in business.

Final Verdict!

Even though keyword research impacts the success of your SEO strategies, for not forget about those who use voice search. It has been proved that 48% of consumers use voice search to enter their queries o the search engine

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