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All You Need To Know About Residential Exterior Painting Services

We all want our house to look attractive and clean. It is because the appearance of your house represents your personality. If you want to make your house attractive and eye-catching, you need to focus on its exterior. As we know, the first thing that is noticed when someone enters your house is the exterior of your house.We all are greatly concerned about maintaining the interior of our house but focusing on the exterior is also important. So, you should consider exterior painting for this purpose. You can get quality residential exterior painting services in Lincoln CA by hiring a professional nearby.

Factors To Consider For Exterior Painting

In this section, we have explained some important factors that are needed to be considered for Residential Exterior Painting Services in Lincoln CA. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Size of House

The first thing you need to consider is the size of your house. You need to calculate the accurate size of your house for which you want exterior painting service. For this purpose, it is important to multiply the height, width, and length of each wall and add each of the figures together for the combined total.

The purpose of calculating the size of your house is to determine how much paint is required. Moreover, the professional painters provide you a quote depending upon the area of your house you want to get painted. You also need to tell the contractor about the number of stories in your house.

  • Quality of Paint

Considering the quality of the paint is also necessary. Would you like to use cheap paint that will get damaged after one year? No, who would like to do that! No one would like to waste his money on painting his house every year.

So, you should buy quality paint instead of a cheap one that is of low quality. If you do not know which is the best paint quality, you can ask the professional to suggest the best one for your house depending upon your needs and budget. You can also ask him to buy the paint for you as the professionals know about the right quality of the paints.

  • Painting Trim

Let us tell you that trim needs to be hand-painted with a brush. You can do it yourself or ask a professional painter to do it for yourself. You should know that the average cost of painting trim is about one dollar per linear foot.

You need to decide what color you want the trim to be painted. You should know that if you choose a different color for painting the trim, it will cost you more money than usual.

  • Extra Services

You can also get some extra services when you hire Residential Exterior Painting Services in Lincoln CA. As we know that the exterior of our house includes a lot of things like shutters, gutters, fascia, and doors. If you want them to get painted, it will cost you additional money.

Let us tell you that the exterior Painting Cost of the door ranges from 70 dollars to 300 dollars. If you want to paint shutters, you will have to pay an extra 60 dollars to 80 dollars. Similarly, if you want the gutters to be painted too, it will cost you 1 dollar to 4 dollars per linear foot. Thus, you will have to pay extra money to get extra service other than painting the walls.

Advantages of Exterior Painting

There are many benefits of getting the exterior of your house painted. We have mentioned some of these advantages for you to let you determine the importance of exterior painting. Some of the benefits have been mentioned below:

  • Exterior painting protects your house from insect damage
  • Your house looks like a new one when you get its exterior painted
  • The lifespan of your house is extended with the help of exterior painting
  • Exterior painting boosts the curb appeal
  • The value of your house is increased by exterior painting

Average Exterior Painting Cost

The cost of exterior painting depends upon the contractor you hired. Most painters charge you per square foot. Let us tell you that the average exterior painting cost in Lincoln CA is about 1.8 dollars to 3.8 dollars per square foot. We recommend you to get a quote from the painter before getting services from him.


The exterior painting includes different services such as painting the walls, painting the doors, etc. You need to decide what services you need. You are charged with the number of services you get from the painter. Moreover, the size of your house also matters a lot in this concern. The exterior painting cost is also very reasonable.

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