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Apptopia Trump Twitter Twitterkantrowitz Bigtechnology – A common misconception of Twitter’s fate!!

For as long as Donald Trump was president, there was a false impression that Twitter’s fate was tied to his presidency. It was mistakenly believed that Twitter will lose truckloads of users and social engagement without Donald Trump’s presence on Twitter. It is a piece of news on big technology that is a free, weekly newsletter committed to covering the tech world news. This is hot news at big technology that now Twitter has banned Trump still the data of users shows no discernable impact on Twitter’s website.

It is published on Trump’s Twitter that after his banning on the platform, there is no change in the daily use of Twitter, it has remained extremely constant after it banned Trump last month. This was also revealed by the new data from the mobile research company Apptopia. Apptopia Trump Twitter Twitterkantrowitz Bigtechnology hardly registered a breakdown in the number of times people used its platform.

What was the impact of Trump’s tweets on the public?

It is tough for a single person to have a perceptible impact on such a large social network Twitter. Apptopia’s VP insights and global alliances showed that this much impact can be on any cultural event than any singular person’s situation. The new data, published here negates the notion that Twitter kept Trump on its service to enhance viewers’ engagement and make money from commercials. Despite Trump’s frequent clashes with Twitter’s rules, the platform kept Trump’s Twitter account live as a matter of standard.

According to Twitter executives, Twitter felt excessive accountability to consent to and encourage public communications on the platform. Sometimes they also fight with the charge of the ability to enable those discussions, and Trump had to turn the conversations that are the negative repo for the social media platform.

What was Twitter’s risk to ban Trump’s Twitter?

Twitter’s real risk in banning Trump on the platform was that it was a spark for world leaders to become a prominent part of politics. According to the ex-executive of Twitter, these leaders could block Twitter or punish staff with Trump’s truth social spark in their countries. For Twitter, this concern was more worrisome than the number of users drop on the platform.

Twitter turned down to comment on this other than disputing the data. Apptopia composed this Twitter fear data and news from 125,000 apps on Android and iOS, plus through sources, that are publicly accessible. However, this conclusion of Apptopia didn’t show any significant change in downloading Twitter accounts or surfing time on the platform with users all around the world.

How have world leaders reacted to the true social of Trump?

To have apps of their own was a common activity of businessmen and businesswomen or a few other world leaders. It was also revealed by the posts from an executive on a test version, that Trump will be launching a new mobile app called the ‘Truth Social’ that will only be available to App Store Apple users. He also announced that this app will ‘stand up to the autocracy of Big Technology’. They also shared the screenshots of the app released that was viewed by Reuters.

The formation of the app was led by Devin Nunes, who was the former republican representative of Trump Media and technological group. Truth social will be an app for users to position their speech freely and can drive traffic who are already getting views on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The most significant reason for removing Trump’s Twitter account was due to the aggression on the US Capitol Hills via Republican supporters on 6 January 2021. It was not only Twitter’s social network but as per Apptopia Trump’s Twitter Twitterkantrowitz Bigtechnology Donald Trump was also banned from YouTube and Facebook as well. It was the blame of rabble-rousing of the violence on him after he lost his US president’s seat.

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