1. Orange Country – A luxury pilgrimage of the nation

 Awakened by Kadukuruba Hadis, this themed hotel The composition internal environment. Such area and luxury meet in a joyful atmosphere. On the surface, the best refuge in Coog is the best natural living residence. Take your lover out for a nostalgic day or spend the evening at the lakeside terrace restaurant with your family.

 Our suggestion: Book a private pool villa or lily pool cabana for the ideal occasion

 Tax: INR 35,000 per night

 2. The Tamara Coorg – Fantastic Wooden House

 Luxurious tree-covered cabins and spacious living spaces fold out onto a private deck. Watch the sunrise and soak up some of the fresh mountain air early in the day and sip it with your precious tea. The comfortable lounge seating on the terrace of the best honeymoon resort in Coog provides the ideal setting for a restful night.

 Our suggestion: Try Eden Lotus, experience the nature trails and studio spa

 Cost: 21,000 INR  per night

3. Amanvana Resort – an excellent area for family gatherings

 Amanvana Resort has a beautiful setting, a beautiful setting and a beautiful Possible setting It is the best resort in Coogee. Enjoy the practice of opening rabbits and free your spirit from the rapid existence of the city. Relax in the hammocks on your private patio and enjoy the stars in the glass-roofed bathroom.

 Our suggestion: Book a moonlit bungalow and enjoy the perfect weekend vacation

 Tax: INR 15,457  per night

4. Old Kent Estates and Spa Resort – a natural haven amongst espresso farms

 Located in Coorg Rich In green surroundings, it is one of the most luxurious hotels in Karnataka. For those seeking harmony away from city life, Old Kent House is a nature paradise. Everyone can appreciate the charitable atmosphere and warm accommodations of the famous special occasion retreat. The impressive structure of the rooms and all the current comfort levels pay off.

 Our recommendation: Stay in a villa and enjoy an endless experience

 Taxes: INR 13,500

 per night 5. Windflower Resort and Spa-Temple of Good Neighborhood

 The charming Coogee Resort is only 20 kilometers from Bangalore on the forest line highway interstate. Flanked by wild paradises and national parks, it is a postcard resort known for its incredible friendliness. Go to the slopes of Brahmagiri and adore the dense deciduous nature and endless blue skies near Windflower Retreat.

 Our suggestion: Reserve a studio room when you go with your loved one and reserve a space in the suite for your family

 Levy: 13,200 INR per night

 6. Forest Resorts Ambatty – Coorg Hideaway

 The private hotel that you stay in Coorg it is a city unto itself Amid the exquisite moving slopes of Karnataka’s most famous attractions. This is an ideal paradise that will keep your mind and soul away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether you are a game fanatic or a sentimental soul who wants to spend the weekend with your loved one, the retreat will provide something for everyone. At this amazing Coog resort, enjoy luxurious relaxation in nature, suitable for honeymooners and game lovers.

 Our suggestion: Try a popular room on a special night, you can choose a space to enjoy with your family

 Tax: 11,500 INR  per night

 7. Coorg Cliffs Resort

 If you are still looking for a 5-star resort in Coorg, go there At this time, this will stop your hunt. This refuge stands at 3,398 feet above sea level and is considered one of the most sought-after monuments in the Coog region. The normal beautiful surroundings around this place is enough for you to book a high-quality vacation!

 Our suggestion: There are many sports to try, including cycling. You can also visit the hotel’s library.

 Tax: 9,500 Indian rupees

 8. Taj Vivanta Resort

 is located in a dense tropical rainforest stretching more than 180 plots of land. This is probably the best hotel in Coorg, guaranteeing a luxurious and peaceful stay. The vast forest and stunning scenery mean you never have to leave this retreat during your vacation in Coorg. The rooms provided here are very spacious, ensuring a pleasant meeting.

 Our suggestion: There is a swimming pool and wellness center in the hotel. Happy monsters have to go there

 Tax: 23,700 Indian rupees

 Coorg’s spending place

 But if you are looking for a luxury place and need to take advantage of it, then your spending plan is not too high, so don’t worry about it at the time. , The hotels listed below will be tailored to your needs.

 9. Porcupine Castle-a tree-top castle, not suitable for flying creatures

 This Coorg resort is located right in front of the 300 sections of Espresso Manor land and is perfect for honeymooners. The tranquility and tranquility of this place and the fragrance that invites you are impressive. The Porcupine Castle healthily invites guests to linger in the rolling green rich scene of the best place to coorg home stay.

 Our suggestion: Book at Coorg Valley View Lodge

 Rate: INR 5,500

 per night 10. Club Mahindra Madikeri – Settle into the bustling capital of Cooge at WOW minutes

which is called Little Karnataka. Club Mahindra is a chaotic hotel that embodies the essence of community customs in an espresso farm. Stay in the swirling scent