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Himachal Pradesh, India’s most spectacular mountain treks

Himachal Pradesh provides a host of panoramic paths both to beginners and savvy trekkers with its astonishing scenery including high mountain peaks and green valleys. Here is our guide to this ‘Abode of Snow’ for its most stunning mountain excursions.

Triund Trek

This is perhaps one of Himachal Pradesh’s most amazing excursions with panoramic views of the Kangra valley on both sides and the magnificent Dhauladhar. The walk can start from either Dharmkot and McLeod, and you can take the spectacular sight of the glacier lagoon and snow-packed Dhauladhar into Bhagsu nag, and then into the Khabrotu. The walk ends at the village of Bhagsu.

Whatever base camp you choose, the amazing landscape of mountain tops covered with snow and the pristine beauty of rhododendron, Deodar, and oak woods on the way will be welcomed. The rise starts with a simple walk and in some areas, you will find severe uphill after 3 miles, which makes this a moderate walk. The whole area is sometimes called the 22 curves because the path consists of 22 sharp turns. It takes about four hours to finish this walk on one side. Travelers could stay at one of the McLeod Ganj hotels or check-in at Dharamshala’s remaining forest house in Triund. The McLeod Ganj camp also offers to pitch.

Pin Parvati Pass

The Pin Parvati Pass is one of the most challenging in Himachal, at a dizzying height of 5,320.8 meters, but with a wealth of amazing views above, the strain minimizes the distance. The walk links the Pin Valley in Kullu, Spiti, and Parvati Valley. Trekking in the tough mountains, deep woods, stunning waterfalls, and glaciers takes place for 12-15 days. To get to the base camp (Spiti River in Kaza), a difficult trip from Manali is necessary.

For a day of air-conditioning, you have to stay in Kaza, since you walk over some high mountains. You may take a peek of stems and snow leopards through the white-washed village of Mudh, the Pin Valley Nationalpark; the Marshlands of Mantalai, the Grasslands of Odi Thatch; the Tundra Bhuj pulley bridge, and the Kheerganga springs of hot water, which are thought to have medical significance. After a hard Himalayan tour, you can unwind in the hot water springs. For seasoned trekkers, only this trek is suggested! Travelers might tent at different locations along the way in a camp.

Hampta Pass Trek

The two main highlights of the Hampta Pass are the abundance of nature and distant culture. The walk is six days and you will reach a height of 4,277.8 meters. You will meet the green valleys of Kullu, the rough Lahaul Montagnes, the wildflowers of Jwara, the sandy terrain of Balu Ka Ghera, and the lush Shea Goru valley. You need to travel between Manali and Prini to the trail heading, Jobra, and the route consists of 42 curves. Driving is worth the stunning views over the Kullu Valley on the way. The walk ends in Chhatru and several camping places can be pitched along the way.

Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

This trail appeals to nature aficionados, wildlife lovers, and savvy trekkers. This walk starts in Kullu (Manali) valley and ends at Kangra Valley (Dharamshala). Along the trip, you will cross three snowy high altitude summits, the Kalihani peak (4.785.3 meters), the Thamsar peak (3.500 meters), and the Khanpari peak (3.600 meters). Also on the route are a lot of fruit trees and wildlife. It takes about 18 days to scale this journey and is exceedingly difficult, demanding a high degree of fitness.

Bhabha Pass Trek

The Bhabha Trek Pass is gorgeous, but one of the most strenuous treks, starting with Kafnu (a little hamlet in Kinnaur) and concluding at Valle di Spiti. The reward, however, is the heavenly beauty and abundance of Himalayan peaks. The seven-day walk will take you to 5,260 meters in altitude and will cross rampant hills and gushing streams, narrow canyons, and glaciers. The trail runs across the powerful Hansbeshan peak, Pin Parvati Pass, Baldar, Mudh, and Kaza villages, and three Buddhist convents – Ki, Tabo, and Kungri. The final stage of the walk will lead you to Kunzum La Pass and the beautiful Chandra Tal Lake.

Beas Kund Trek

This journey begins in Old Manali and passes through former Burua and Shang villages, which are entirely cut off from the modern world. It heads toward Bea Kund, a little alpine lake of the azure sea, to the green meadows in the valley of Solang, Dundi, and Bacharach. The walk is quite straightforward, so novices or performers may complete it. It takes around two days to finish, and walkers can stay at a camp in Solang Valley overnight.

Sar Pass Trek

In the scenic Parvati Vallée, at an altitude of 4,220 meters, the Sar Pass Trek is located. It’s a popular trip that changes every few kilometers noted for its magnificent landscape. The walk starts at the backpackers’ utopia of Kasol and through the trails of Grahan, Padri, Min Thatch, and the town of Nagaru and Barshai. This hike is moderately hard and demands a good fitness level. It takes approximately five days.

Indrahar Pass Trek

Another amazing hike across the Himalayan countryside’s stunning splendor. It starts from McLeod Ganj and goes into the picturesque cave of Triund and finally ends at the Indrahar Pass at an altitude of 4,300 m. Before going up for Indrahar, trekkers can camp at the Lavesh Camp. You can receive panoramic views of the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal mountains after you reach the pass. You will be welcomed. It is a moderate trip that takes about 5 to 6 days to pass.

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