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How to Get Good Reviews on Etsy

When you’re a seller on Etsy, reviews matter! Not only do they give potential customers an idea of the quality of your products, but good reviews can also help to increase visibility and boost your reputation. Plus, with Etsy now pushing the Star Seller system, good feedback matters more than ever before. If you’ve been struggling with getting good reviews, or indeed any reviews at all, read on. Here’s how to get good reviews on Etsy every time.

Treat Every Buyer Like They’re Your First

Good reviews start with good customer service. Every time you process an order, make sure the buyer feels valued and their experience is a positive one. Take the time to answer any questions they may have or provide extra information they need. Don’t leave the buyer waiting more than 24 hours for a response either. They need to feel valued at every step of the process.

Include a Handwritten Note Asking for a Review

Alongside your purchased goods, include a handwritten note asking your customer to review their purchase. Make sure to thank them for their purchase and let them know that you would appreciate a positive review. You can also use this note to provide a discount code and/or a link to your e-commerce store if you have one. It’s not against Etsy’s terms and conditions and will save you money in fees should the customer return.

Make Sure Your Goods Are Safely Packaged

Packing goods securely is not only important for keeping your items safe in transit, but it gives buyers the confidence that they’re purchasing from a professional seller. Etsy shoppers want to know that they can trust you, and packaging goods carefully is a great way to show this. If you’re unsure what type of packaging is best for your items, this blog post on how to safely package your eCommerce orders is a must read! Neglect this step, and the reviews you receive won’t be favourable.

Dispatch On Time

People don’t like waiting around for their orders, so make sure that you process and dispatch your items as soon as possible. Etsy makes it really easy for you to set a dispatch time and provide accurate estimates of the shipping services that you are using. If, for any reason, you’re unable to dispatch on time, do make sure to reach out to the buyer to let them know. You can also extend the shipping date in your Etsy dashboard. This will help prevent you from losing your star seller status.

Deal with Any Mistakes Professionally

Unfortunately, mistakes can and will happen; it’s part and parcel of running a business. If a mistake occurs during the order process, try to deal with it in the best way possible. Choose your words carefully and try to rectify any issues as quickly as you can – this will make customers more likely to leave positive feedback.

When you’re selling on Etsy, reviews are an essential part of your success. Following these steps can help ensure that you get good reviews every time – and increase the chances of those all-important repeat purchases!

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