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Style Guide on What You Can Wear In an Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are all about culture, customs, and traditions. And with all these come appropriate dressing and food cuisines. While the world is championing awareness on cultural appropriation, Indians are on a different tangent. While they are increasingly welcoming to someone new to their culture and traditions, they tend to overwhelm if that unknown person (a foreigner) shows an effort by embracing their culture, either by wear traditional clothes and eating Indian food.

While the country is diversely rich in religion, culture, and customs, weddings are celebrated with almost identical zest and grandeur across the landscape. And, if you are planning to wear something western or straight-up casual into such an event, you will stick out abnormally. It is never easy to wear something from a foreign culture if you have never done it before. While there’s an abundance of dressing options for women in Indian culture, here’s a list of standard options women could choose.

  1. Lehenga
  2. Salwar Kameez
  3. Saree

Weddings: North Indian vs. South Indian

While we maintain that going ethnic to an Indian wedding is a definite thumbs-up, it also suggested that you should check out the style and details of the community culture you will be part of. North Indian weddings come with an aura of magnanimous sophistication and luxury. Hence it would help if you appropriately went for dresses that feature fine ostentation. It would be best if you scoured every option to find the ideal designer lehenga online. Additionally, make sure to pair some flashy embellishments and crystal necklines with your outfit for the occasion.

On the other hand, southern weddings are quite the opposite- conservative is the key term here. While the rest of the proceedings are less outlandish, the women enjoy wearing from their heritage weaves, such as Kanjivaram, Pattu, and other forms of southern silk fabric sarees. Much like the northerners, you should again use some handcrafted gold jewellery to complete your ethnic look.


Things will take a slight shift if you are invited to a Nikah, Islam’s nuptial ceremony. You will have to adjust the colour choices and silhouette designs of your outfits for the occasion. The most common dresses for the event are Sharara suits, Anarkali suits, and Indo-Western Lehenga suits.

If you plan to blend in with the native culture, you might want to refrain from deep necklines and skin-revealing outfits.

Ideal Colours

Wearing ethnic to an Indian wedding allows you to play with colour. As the event is full of colour and joy, your attire must reflect that as well. If you are asked to follow a strict dress code or colour theme, you must go all-in while picking your outfit’s colour. You may choose the deepest of blue or brightest pink. It’s best suggested exploring all the colour variants for designer salwar kameez online.

But you should keep away from picking a red or a maroon dress, as these shades are generally reserved for the bride. Surely you would not want to steal her thunder on her special day. Furthermore, while we speak of the omissions, you might also want to ignore black and white shades. Both black and white are considered inauspicious in plenty of Indian communities.

Accessorize Your Way

Indian women take immense pride in wearing ornaments to a wedding. Their passion for flaunting reaches such an extent that you will get treasure island vibes right inside the wedding venue. You might wonder how much jewellery is okay for you to wear into the event. One simple hack to your question is your relationship with the individuals getting hitched- the greater the bond, the heavier the ornament.

While precious metals are a significant player of a women’s style at an Indian wedding, you should not fret if you do not have much. More and more women are transitioning to cheap jewellery to accessorize themselves- The idea is to play smart and not play big.

You must finish with matching footwear to go with your ethnic outfits, such as sarees and palazzo suits online. Its best-recommended browsing embroidered juttis, colourful chappals, and stone-studded heels as they fit in with almost every traditional attire.

An Indian wedding is nothing less than any festival as they often tend to go on for four to five days. You will be amazed by the number of rituals and customs that are involved in the whole process. While you are set to get an insight into the rich wedding culture, you must feel part of it as well.

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