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6 Ways to Plan a Perfect Night Out in Melbourne

Melbourn mightn’t be a huge city, but it can brag about having the most riveting and bustling nightlife scene. Most visitors and keen locals who wish to find out how to have fun after dark in Melbourn should do a little bit of research since some of the most bombastic clubs and bars are either hidden or merely hard to find. Luckily, Melbourn has a bit of everything for everybody’s taste, from speakeasies, savvy nightclubs, hidden bars, pubs, and amazing live music venues. Foody lovers can also find delicious late-night food stands and experience all the wonders of this majestic city when everybody else is asleep. Hence, here are some of the invigorating ways to plan out a memorable night out in Melbourn.

Pop up to a nice restaurant 

There’s no better way to start Melbourn’s nightly adventure than by going out first for a nice dinner. There are numerous excellent restaurants all across Melbourn, but the point should be on trying out local dishes and exploring the domestic cuisine and culture. Start exploring the city at night by first stopping to eat at an authentic restaurant. It would be a one-of-a-kind experience that will give you a clear insight into how to city works. You can hop on one of the many food crawl tours and eat your way through Melbourne’s cafes until you reach your end destination.

 Visit some of the exciting hidden clubs 

Just because they are “hidden” doesn’t mean those bars and clubs are utterly forbidden from the public. On the contrary, you find easily many hidden bars in Southbank which are usually located within heritage-listed buildings along with the Bank Palace or New Quay. Another idea is to visit the Revolvers nightclub which is open 24 hours and dance until you drop. And for those who want to spice things up can check out famous Melbourn brothels for an unforgettable experience. There’s something for every type of adventurer in Melbourn, the key is to know where to search.

Unwind at a vivacious bar 

In Australia you won’t find bars or pubs with sports playing on monitors, on the contrary, you will mostly encounter locals who have come for a good time. Aussies tend to call pubs “hotels” so it’s easy to get confused, nevertheless, where you settle you are bound to have loads of fun. A great way to eat and drink with the locals is the multi-story pub The Esplanade or the savvy cocktail bar The Everleigh. Don’t hesitate to visit some of Melbourn’s fun speakeasy such as Mjolner.

 Listen to live music 

Not all people are keen on live music, but in this city, people fight to come to the front rows. There is an abundance of opportunities to listen to live music in Melbourn, but the most popular places for you to check out are our Northcote Social Club, Corner Hotel, Howler, or 170 Russell. The key is to pay attention to scheduled events and buy tickets long before they get sold out. You will soon find out that the most live music events also host gigs, theatre shows, and eclectic DJs playing music in the main bar or garden.

Try out something wild and adventurous 

If you don’t feel like drinking all night or partying, there are also plenty of non-drinking activities in Melbourn. Go to Luna Park and visit one of the most famous amusement parks in the region. This is an ideal fun pick for people who have come to visit Melbourn with kids. Also, there are many other things to do at night that don’t involve booze. Check out the interesting karaoke bar KBOX and gather your gang for a singing challenge. Later, you can go to a video arcade Bartronica to play some Mario Kart. Or if you are a more sporty type, you can head out to Holy Moly for a mini-golf or to iDarts for an amazing darts match.

Something for the brave 

Melbourn has its fair share of horrific history, and taking a ghost tour is an atypical night-out idea plan, but definitely an adventurous one. Explore the spooky side of Melbourn by visiting an old prison, listening to spine-chilling tales about notorious criminals. Then scavenge the past-murder sites, and get your adrenaline boosted before you go to other places. 

Melbourn has numerous thrilling and lovely places for everybody’s taste. From dining in a fancy restaurant to busting the move on the dance floor, you will certainly not be bored.

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