Junior and Senior Proms are two of the most memorable events in everyone’s high school years. These are two special nights where you can dress up, have a good time, and create memories that will last a lifetime. That said, prom night isn’t like any other high school dance. Instead, it’s the perfect opportunity to kiss that person you’ve had a crush on for years while glowing inside your perfect dress. Moreover, you can have your curfew pushed a little later than usual.

That said, you will want to buy the perfect dress for this special night. This is because there is no perfect prom photo without the perfect dress. Unfortunately, shopping for a prom dress can be an emotional roller coaster and confusion all rolled into one. Luckily, here is a compilation of things you should consider when shopping for a unique dress:

1. Get the Right Dress to Suit your Figure

You should have a general idea of what you’re searching for before you go shopping. As you go around a prom dress boutique or check for possibilities online, having an idea will make it easier to limit down your options. Consider whether you want to go for a slim-fit prom dress or a long dress that is customized to your height.

Notably, there’s a huge variation between elegant prom dresses for small girls and hems that hang just a little longer for tall girls. Not to add, your body type will have a significant impact on how attractive you appear. Being thin or curvaceous isn’t the only aspect of your shape to consider. Therefore, you’ll need to assess whether you have a busty, petite, apple, or pear-shaped figure upfront.

2. Make Sure the Dress Suits Your Style

It’s one thing to know what the appropriate size for your body is, and it’s quite another to select the perfect prom dress. This is because the perfect dress must align with your style, else you won’t be comfortable. Moreover, do you want to look fabulous, or sultry and provocative? These are just a few things to think about when buying a dress.

That said, there’s a lot more to putting together a prom wardrobe than merely looking through different dresses. Once you’ve narrowed down your top-dress choices, consider your hair and makeup. Additionally, look into the type of corsage you’d want, and what your date might wear to match you. This is because regardless of the types of formal dresses you’ve reduced your search to, these tiny details can make or break the outfit.

3. Consider the Theme for the Prom

If you’re having problems picking between two prom dresses, think about the prom theme. This is because many proms will have a theme. Besides this, most high school administrations will have a few dress code rules in place. That said, while you’re out shopping, keep these points in mind. Who knows, this could be the difference between a dress with a high-cut slit and one with a more modest slit.

4. The Color Must Be Perfect

Prom dresses are available in every color of the rainbow. However, the color and design of your prom dress may be determined by the prom’s theme, location, or time of year. Remember to pick an outfit that looks nice on you and makes you feel good. If you’re a redhead, prom dresses in purple, blue, and green are ideal. On the other hand, blonds look beautiful in black or pastels.

Top 3 Classic Trends for Prom Dresses

When dressing for the prom, you want to be the trendiest person on the dance floor. Every season, new prom dress trends emerge from the runway and make their way into the social scene, yet traditional styles remain ageless. If you’re curious about which prom dress style is the best, the reality is that there isn’t one. Prom dresses come in a wide range of styles, and each design is distinctive. As such, here are some trends to keep in mind while shopping:

1. The Simplicity Trend

A classic prom dress essential is simplicity. Minimal embellishment, floor-length hemlines, and simple hues are classic characteristics that provide you with a blank canvas on which to apply your creativity. With just one fabric choice and delicate, modest accents, simple prom dresses tend to exude an aura of sophistication.

2. The Lace Dresses

Lace is a great example of a traditional prom trend that has been modernized. This soft, feminine fabric has not only stood the test of time but it’s also come back. Lace prom dresses have evolved from the typical neck-to-hem lace styles to include a variety of materials and design elements for a truly interesting fashion statement.

3. The Sleeve Trend

Sleeves are also classic, but instead of stretching to the wrist, some modern prom dresses feature beautiful cap sleeves. Others have romantic flutter sleeves or seductive off-the-shoulder sleeves. Notably, cold-shoulder sleeves add a distinct character that makes a prom dress feel one-of-a-kind by highlighting the arms with a little extra support.

Where Can You Find the Perfect Prom Dress?

• Prom shops in your area

• Inherit a prom dress from your mom, sister, or relative

• Shop online

• Have a prom professional shop for you

• Borrow a friend

Accessorizing Your Prom Dress

If your formal gown’s shoulder and neck area is heavily fabricated, opt for plain earrings or small delicate bits. Moreover, if your prom dress is richly adorned with beads, delicate simulated pearl earrings are a perfect choice. Consequently, simpler bracelets are required for detailed gowns. Remember, necklaces, bracelets, and rings should all be in harmony. As such, choose small rings and bracelets if you’re wearing a thick necklace. If you’re going to wear a hefty bracelet, stay away from flashy necklaces and rings.

Wind Up

A prom dress is one of the most expensive purchases a young lady can make. This is why you need help when shopping, as girls are often overly thrilled and find it difficult to make rational decisions. Also, Remember this: Although the prom dress you choose for your senior prom is an important part of your outfit, it isn’t the only thing people will notice. That said, consider the appropriate shoes and accessories, as well as the appropriate cosmetics and haircut.