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5 Ways Intelligent Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent in marketing. It can help you in several ways, such as improving your customer service, maximizing your marketing budget, and predicting trends that will help you target the right audience. This article will outline the list of five ways to use artificial intelligence in marketing. You will also learn how you can incorporate AI into your marketing campaign so that you can grow your brand and gain new customers faster than ever before.

1. Automate Mundane Tasks

The best way for marketers to use artificial intelligence is by automating some of the mundane tasks. Automating tasks will free up time to do what you do best and ensure your business stays ahead of the curve. AI allows marketers to gather data from various sources like social media, past sales data, and web browsing history. It also helps marketers to predict demand and increase operational efficiency and:’

  • Gather data from a variety of sources
  • Understand customers better
  • Predict behaviors in ways not possible before
  • Create personalized marketing strategies

2. Analyze Data Quickly and Accurately

With a quick and accurate analysis; marketers can make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. For instance, with just one click of a button on Google Analytics, data from web traffic is analyzed to provide information about how content performs on specific pages or sites. By providing instant feedback for changes made to content before implementing them into an actual campaign, marketers can save time and money while avoiding making unnecessary changes to find what doesn’t work.

3. Create AI-Powered Content

Artificial intelligence is changing marketing, not just because AI can write content. There are ways intelligent marketers use artificial intelligence in their day-to-day lives such as; Providing better customer service, Bots for customer service enabling retailers to answer customer questions 24 hours a day. A bot can reply to a simple request like where my order is. With an automated response that guides the customer through locating an order. These bots also provide instant notifications when something goes wrong with the order, so customers get updates when they need the most.

4. Optimize Ad Campaigns

With so many companies using AI to optimize their ad campaigns, marketers need to stay up-to-date with new developments. One way intelligent marketers stay ahead of the curve is by keeping in touch with industry news and trends to take advantage of opportunities as they come. Another way intelligent marketers stay ahead of the curve is by utilizing new tools like chatbots, CPaaS, voice recognition, and automated workflows. The benefits of CPaaS is to provide customer service, lead generation and more.

5. AI-powered Customer Insights

Intelligent marketers know that there is no better way than collecting data when it comes to customer insight. Data is critical because it provides a detailed understanding of your customers and what they want in a product or service. With machine learning, you can collect all sorts of information about your customers and use this data to find out what they might want in the future.


Artificial intelligence can help marketers in several ways. The list above can assist marketers in identifying the right tools to use in optimizing their presence in the market. With AI, marketers can now boost their productivity and become more efficient.


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