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7 FAQs About Product Liability Lawsuits

Want to know more about product liability? We answered some of your frequently asked questions below.

Product liability lawsuits happen when something goes wrong. When a product breaks in an unforeseen way that testing did not notice, it can be tough for the person on the receiving end. A pair of hair straighteners become deadly, a TV risks a house fire, and an innocent-seeming children’s toy can start giving out shocks. When this happens, it is only natural to protect yourself and the people that you love. To do this, filing a product liability lawsuit is the best answer.

A product liability lawsuit lets you highlight problems with the product so that other people do not experience it. It highlights the errors to the manufacturers, who must correct their design mistakes. As well as being the morally responsible thing to do, suing a faulty product designer allows you to recoup some of the costs of your medical bills. 

The 7 FAQs You Need to Know About Product Liability

According to Chicago defective product lawyer, Adam Zayed, products go wrong more often than you might think. Here are the 7 FAQs to get you started, should you want to file a lawsuit.

1 – What does product liability mean?

When you are a manufacturer and you create a product, you are liable for any damage that product does to its owner. This helps protect people against products exploding, giving off fumes, or electrocuting the individual using it. When a product turns faulty, it is liability insurance the company uses to pay for it.

2 – What does defectively manufactured mean?

In general, there are three types of issue where a user can claim for a product liability lawsuit. In the first case, the manufacturer made the product wrongly. We call these defective manufactured goods. Otherwise, they might not give you warning instructions, or the design itself could be defective.

3 – If a toy hurts my child, who is liable?

If the toy doesn’t come with warning instructions, or if it breaks in a hazardous way, then the designer or manufacturer of the toy is liable. You can open a product liability case against them to reclaim your damages. 

4 – What products are covered by liability laws?

Any product that a manufacturer sells to you is subject to product liability laws in the USA. When producers create an item, they ought to have insurance in place for this. Interestingly enough, there is no one-size-fits-all policy for products liability in the US. The states determine their own laws, instead. 

5 – If your product is defective, is it the designer or the manufacturer’s fault?

To determine whether a product’s liability falls with the product designer or the manufacturer, a lawsuit must examine what went wrong and when. 

6 – If more than one business produces the product, who do you blame?

When you start a product liability claim you file your action against whoever produced the item. If multiple businesses produced the item, then you have multiple parties to sue.

7 – What is the most common cause of product liability claims?

Manufacturing defects account for most liability claims. No matter how much you test a product, you can never truly break it in all the ways that the public can.

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