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Ranking The 10 Most Played Online Games In The World in 2022

These days, people spend half of their time in front of electronics and most people play online games such as warframe crossplay with the help of the internet or WiFi. Many games have different opportunities and require modern technologies to play the game. If you’re curious to know what the most popular online game is, here are the complete details on the 10 most popular online games played in the world. So, check out the list.

List Of Popular Online Games Played In The World

1- Pubg

Pubg is the most popular online game played in the world. The game is about two teams with two matches where 100 people will be there and they have to kill each other safely and wisely. The players will live till the end of the match and if they win they will receive a Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner. Also, players can enter into the match as solo, duo, or with a team.

2- Fornite Battle Royal

Fortnite Battle Royal is a free online game where 100 people come together and compete against each other for the first position. It is one of the most popular online games with about 5 million players. In this game, you need to build walls and collect some obstacles or some other source of elements you can enter in the game as solar or with the group.

3- Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a multiplayer online game where a 23 person squad landed on the island and must find some weapons. They supply to battle another player while leaving the game area as they need to be safe. They can’t get caught and when in the end there is no last team alive they win the game.

4- League Of Legends

League of Legends is one of the oldest most popular online games because their mode scene, animation, and different graphics and entry-level are different. In this game, people play in a team and destroy some core building that is protected by the enemy’s team. Players control characters known as Championship and they need to choose for every match. The match can last up to 20 to 50 min.

5- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It is a multiplayer first-person online game that can also be played offline. In this game, there are two teams playing against each other and both teams have different missions. Teams either save the hostage or need to stop planting bombs at each other. In the end, players get rewards for their performance.

6- Healthstone

Blizzard entertainment started a small project called Healthstone for experimental purposes but it got a hit and now it is one of the best online games played in the world. In this game, players can collect the deck from the different houses and different powers. Each card is used to lower the opponent’s health and life to win the game.

7- League Of Legend

It has been a long time for players to play this game. But this game is evergreen. In this game, all the players have to control to pick their champion that can compete with champions later. It has excellent mode and awesome graphics with so much excitement on each level. It is a multiplayer game with an RPG.

8- Call Of Duty Mobile

If you’re looking for an online game that is truly engaging, you should try the mobile variant Call Of Duty. This game is a free-to-play and first-person shooter game developed by TiMi studio in association with activation. Since its release, it has created a buzz in the gaming industry.

Recently, this game has more than 15 million active members in the world. Within a year after its release in October 2019, Call of Duty achieved 270 million downloads. During that time, this game had $480 million in revenue.

9- Among Us

Now, it is easy to get the online game for free. All you need to do is download this game named Among Us. This game was launched in 2018 and attracted positive criticism from the gaming industry. One of the best American game developers Innersloth developed and designed this multiplayer game.

In the first year after its release, this game received The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game. It was first released on Android and IOS platforms. After witnessing its popularity, the developers of this game also launched the gaming console and online platforms.

10- Call Of Duty Warzone

It is difficult to find the best online game. But, now, Call Of Duty Warzone can fulfil that desire. It was launched in March 2020 and created a sensation in the gaming industry.

Raven Software developed this legendary game. Currently, this game has 6 million active players. It is available on all gaming consoles. Also, you can play this game on a new PS5.

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