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The Latest Trends in Graphic Design

Graphic design is a huge career and employment sector and one that is linked and related to most other business functions. Whether you are designing the look of a product or marketing material for a product ad brand launch, you will need some graphic design skills or professionals. This article looks at some of the latest trends in the sector and shares why it is still one of the best job and career options out there at the moment.


The idea of minimalism has been popular in design before. This time it’s more interesting to see minimalism on the rise alongside the maximalist trends towards larger-than-life text and way too many colors. Minimalist design is the idea that simple designs are the most memorable and the easiest to spread a specific message. Minimalist design will use very few color palettes, and the focus will be on the written message or brand name. Some people will argue that minimalism is more of a design principle
than a style, but one thing is certain, minimalism is hot right now. Here are the aspects that you must consider to achieve a minimalist design:

  • Less is more: You will need to do away with all the unnecessary text and design elements that may distract the target audience. The fewer elements included, the less likely you are to confuse the audience.
  • Use very few colors: However, use them wisely for minimalist design; it is all about the contrast between colors.
  • Less text and writing: Minimal text is one of the best ways to achieve a minimalist design. 

Shared design

One of the main requirements in modern design of all types, be it graphic or product design, has been the need to share the design process. This will come down to the capabilities of the software that you use. So, for example, if you are using the most professional PCB design software, you will be able to share the process of design, and the graphics and drawings can be accessed by other developers in your team at the same time as each other to make the improvements and changes in design in conjunction with each other. The same goes for other design software, and if this element of collaboration is not included, you may need to look for a more suitable software solution.

Airbrushed surrealism

Airbrushed surrealism was an increasingly popular design effect and technique used in the 70s and 80s, and it is back in a big way. It’s about the use of big and bold colors with a touch of surrealism, yet also keeping the artwork as real as possible. There are a lot of details, and the imagery is often overtly disproportionate in relation to each other and the size of the overall piece. It is a very popular design style used in advertisements as well as traditional banners and billboards.

Retro design

There has been somewhat of a revival of a great number of the older retro styles and designs in graphic design. Whether used for gaming or for advertising, the use of retro design, fonts, and mixes of color has become a serious trend that can overlap and be incorporated into any of the trends mentioned above. It is a trend that has also proliferated all other areas of design, especially interior design and home living, where the use of retro shapes and furniture design is back in a big way.

Motion graphics

This is a style of graphic design that provides for motion in the design itself. It started off with the graphic designer using still artwork but with the perception of motion, and progressed to be used in animation and then in film work. It isn’t necessarily long form animation or motion, but the motion that is used in a meme or for the opening credits of a film or movie. Journalists and broadcasters also use these motion graphics to portray and tell stories and share information. It is a means of engaging with digital advertising boards, menus, and other retail advertising in a way that keeps the text alive rather than only using flat text formats.

AI artwork

Artificial intelligence has been used for years. Advertisers and marketers use it as a means to gather customer information and interact and engage with clients and customers. As a trend in graphic design, the use of artificially intelligent generated artwork has begun an upward trend. It is a form of design and artwork that has served to polarize the art and design world, with some arguing that it is not really graphic design when created by an algorithm and a machine. The designs and artwork are, however, becoming increasingly popular, with many graphic designers choosing to use this art in their work. It is based on an algorithm that presents the computer with a set of rules which it then follows to produce the artwork or design element.

3D imagery

The use of 3D images in still graphics has become one of the most widespread advances in graphic design. Most design software now includes 3D imagery and text as standard, and it is being used to add depth and a sense of still interaction to modern graphic design. And as more people flock to the metaverse, it is the graphic design elements, such as 3D images and rendering, that will keep them interested and engaged. It is a huge trend for company logos, and tech firms such as Google and IBM have made full use of such 3D imagery in their logos.

Graphic design is a huge field with enormous influence in the world of business. From the process of advertising and marketing to building a cogent and welcoming internet and web presence, your business will need great cutting-edge graphic design. These trends should be further researched and then used to ensure that the design you choose is current and measures up to that of your competition and the plethora of designs and graphics that dominate the modern world.

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