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The Qualities of a Good Workplace Motivational Speaker

Organizations often seek the help of motivational speakers. These specialists pride themselves in being able to inspire, motivate and empower workforces in order to increase their work performance and mental well-being. In recent years, the mental well-being of staff has become a key element of workplace cohesion in the minds of many employers. Here are some of the essential qualities possessed by good motivational speakers.

Interactive and Reciprocal

Being a good motivational speaker involves listening as well as speaking. The best speakers help employees achieve their potential by listening to their problems and addressing them. Some speakers ask employees and employers to send in their issues during the preparation stage.


If a speaker isn’t able to speak in an informed manner, then they are going to have an extremely hard time inspiring employees. Good speakers are always willing to put in the work required to conduct thorough research on the organizations they visit and the unique problems that the organization and its workforce are facing. A motivational speaker employed to inspire the workforce of an engineering firm, for instance, needs to conduct thorough research on engineering principles and problems before writing their speeches.


Inspiration drives engagement, motivation, and change. Inspiration is what ignites the spark within employees and ignites their passion to reach their full potential and drive success. A motivational speaker who can inspire their audience has the power to create lasting change and bring about positive outcomes for both the employees and the organization.

An inspirational speaker also has the ability to overcome resistance and objections and bring people together toward a common goal. They can communicate their message in a way that resonates with the audience and provides them with the motivation they need to take action. The individual drive of each employee can be ‘activated’ by an inspiring speaker that speaks to their needs and desires.

An inspirational speaker creates a positive and uplifting environment, which helps to boost employee morale and increase their level of engagement and job satisfaction. Not every speaker can claim to be inspirational. One of the true talents that a speaker can possess is the ability to provoke positive change without being patronizing or prescriptive.


Compassion is an important quality for a workplace motivational speaker to have because it allows them to connect with and understand their audience on a deeper level. By being compassionate, the speaker can empathize with the struggles and challenges faced by employees and offer encouragement and support. This creates a supportive and non-judgmental environment where employees feel comfortable opening up and sharing their experiences.

Compassion enables the speaker to tailor their message to the specific needs of the audience, ensuring that their message resonates and has a lasting impact. It also helps to build trust between the speaker and the audience, making it easier for employees to take action and make positive changes in their work and personal lives. Employees will be able to identify a speaker that cannot empathize with them extremely easily.

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