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Top 5 Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Basement

There was a time when basements were used merely as cluttered dungeons. But a modern-day finished basement means, now your home’s lower level can be this part of your home that can offer a whole other level of living.

Perhaps would you want an extra bedroom for your guests, a stylish place to relax on your weekends, or a sassy den for the perfect movie date? Then the basement is where you’ll find the perfect spot for any of it! From cozy lounges to bright corners and home cinemas, basements can transform to fit any of your needs.

A basement remodeling has the power to boost the aura of your house. From bold, industrial styles of lighting, abstract art prints, textured furnishings to boho cushions some classy new trends are doing the rounds now!

You could now turn your basement dreams into a reality by sprucing it up with some sizzling elements!

So if you are looking for some amazing ideas to revamp your basement you have come to right place. Here we are with the top five décor trends that will turn that unused space under your home into something incredible!

  • Color Me Happy With Fine Artistry

Fine Artistry

A painting is something that would provide your basement with a n instant color palette. It will draw every eye into the space and give the viewer a sense of delight with its vibrant hues.

Line your walls with a skillfully curated selected artwork that matches the surrounding colors of the room can really enhance the tone and mood in that room.

Hanging art on a wall painting is also a great way to add a personal touch and character to your basement. Go with a “Personal Art”, with something that is unique and special to you. Something that transports you to the happiest flashback you ever had with your dear ones. Your memories have the power to light up any moment, so make those memories everlasting with a custom family portrait from PortraitFlip.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful way to engage your guest with some fond memories and fun stories of your throwback? A customized family portrait from PortraitFlip is designed in your vision and will surely render to set up the perfect mood!

This custom art piece will not only complete your home but tie up the entire tonality and vibe of your basement.

  • Warm It Up With A Fireplace


Ever smelled burning wood, no incense would come close to the magical smell of a fireplace.

Imagine you had a tiring day after all of that snow shoveling and you walk into a fire-lit room! What could have been better way to relax and unwind after the long haul? A fireplace will call all the attention to your basement, because if its winter then that spot is sure going to be occupied.

Are you planning to have some friends over for a party? Then a fireplace will the perfect addition to your basement as all of them will naturally drift to the light and warmth a fireplace provides.

  • A Cozy Reading Den

 Reading Den

Grab your favorite thriller novel, and duck down from the exterior world and its struggles, into your fictional universe with a gorgeous reading nook idea.

This one is the most ideal addition for all the book lovers out there. The perfect corner in your basement to curl-up with your most favorite books. Add some soft, and super squishy pillows, a reading light, and an open book shelf to tie it all together.

To add some glitter you could even give an ode to your favorite author of all times by adding a custom portrait of the on the shelf.

PortraitFlip will flip any of your desired pictures into the perfect portrait painting.

This reading nook cocoon has a dive-in appeal and will be the perfect room within a room, utilizing your basement in the best way possible.

  • An In-house Theatre Corner

Theatre Corner

Any true film buffs will enjoy nothing more than having their own private movie spot to retreat to in the late evenings. Isn’t it a dream for many to build a home cinema to enjoy your favorite movies at the comfort of your home?

What better place than your basement to build the perfect home theatre? Because basements are spacious and it can very well incorporate the comfy recliners and the big white screen.

You can watch movies, binge on your favorite TV series in a complete cinema-style quality. The major perks of having this in-house theatre corner are that you would get ample of family time, you could also invite friends over for a movie night or get some much-needed me time enjoying your favorite shows whenever you want it.

  • Add That Light With A Glazed Roof

Glazed Roof

A well lit basement would be a perfect spot to lounge away your weekend. You could take the concept of a well lit room to a whole new level and try out something like a walk-on glass roof light for your basement. This one would be absolute favorite for all those who love some natural light, because here you are going to have your hands on plenty.

A contemporary design statement that would fit well in if you plan to have a basement kitchen or living space to seep in all that natural light throughout the day!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to adding that spice to your home décor you always need to stay up with the latest trends in the vogue. If you are looking for some statement pieces to enhance your space, then we have got you covered. Check out the latest home décor trends of 2022 to get the spot on living space of your dreams!

Even though spaces like the basement are often neglected we have a chance at hand to spice our basements up with these selections we have handpicked for you. They will add so much value to your otherwise dull lower floor.

Basements are a great spot for some memorable get together with friends and family. It’s already a seclude spot so if you want your basement to stand out make sure to keep it spacious, keep it bright and keep it airy. Follow these tips and your basement will turn out to be the favorite spot for all the guests who come over!

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