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Top Amazing Google Pixel 3XL Features that you are missing-out!

Pixel 3 XL is probably the best and the most demanded, big-screened camera phone. It is liked by the majority of the tech-savvy crowd and knows about its features quite well. You can probably call this phone to be an underrated one. It functioned to capture stunning photos. Though at a higher price, you’d be in love with the picture quality that it has to offer to its consumers. Its battery life is long-lasting and better than Pixel 3. XL itself says it is greater that the previous version.

Pixel 3XL cookies backgrounds are one of the best features that Google has offered to the masses. It consists of an expansive range of intuitive features that you will not find in any other Android mobile.

Here are some great features of Pixel 3XL that you should know –

The first and foremost thing, you should know about Pixel phones is its user-friendliness and being clean from all kinds of cookies. Their background and the software are not heavy on your data and feed. Hence, the networking becomes extremely smooth.


Lockdown is a feature that will turn off your phone’s fingerprint sensor if you find yourself in a bad situation. The phone immediately locks when you activate Lockdown, and you can only unlock it by entering your passcode.

Wind Down

Digital Wellbeing keeps track of how many notifications you get in a day, how many times you pick up or unlock your phone, and how much time you spend using different apps.

Enable Wind Down when you’ve reached a certain amount of time spent on Facebook or YouTube. Do Not Disturb (DND) will be enabled and the display on your phone will be set to grayscale mode. If you’re like me, you’ll want to put your phone down as soon as you start looking at Instagram in black and white

Active Edge

If you’re into that sort of thing, you can still use the sides of either Pixel 3 model to call Google Assistant. Assuming that you end up inadvertently setting off the Right hand, you can change how much strain is expected to set off the component or turn it off out and out.

Flip to Shhh

The ability to turn on DND and silence is just by placing the phone face down on a desk or table. This is something very new that Pixel 3 has offered to its users. Now, you do not have to worry about your phone being turned to silent mode. The moment you keep your phone on the table with its face down, this feature will be active. So when you are in an important meeting, and you do not want to get interrupted rather just keep it face down.

To empower the component go to Settings > Framework > Motions > Flip to Shhh. It will take you some time to get used to the idea that when you put your phone face down, it is silent, and you might miss a few calls. However, you will eventually master it and discover that it is a useful feature.


Furthermore, you can find a wide variety of backgrounds and innovative features for your phone. You can find something more original in Google Pixel 3XL; if you’re looking for it. To get more detailed insights about Google Pixel 3XL and its features, get in touch with us!

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