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Want to Curb Your Fuel Expenses? Try Out These Green Tires

Fuel expenses are breaking records all across the world. Gasoline and diesel prices are on fire especially after the Ukraine conflict broke out. 

Quite expectedly, Americans are looking to increase mileage and cut down on fuel bills. 

While there are several ways to boost mileage, one of the most under-appreciated methods you can start implementing today is using lightweight and sturdy Fuel Wheels (or any other brand you prefer) coupled with market-leading fuel-efficient or green tires!

There are several major brands which manufacture these tires for every vehicle imaginable. Most of these brands are household names internationally. 

Such tires are also often referred to as eco-tires; it simply implies that they are environment-friendly models. You can easily gift yourself a set when you visit your friendly neighborhood retailer to enquire if the latest models of Forgiato Wheels are in!

While mileage and fuel efficiency depend on a multitude of different & overlapping factors, switching over to green tires is one surefire way to save fuel. And this post will hopefully give you a better idea of the models best suited for this purpose.

Let’s dive in right away.

2022’s best fuel-efficient tires!

Brands like Michelin, Continental, Toyo, and Bridgestone upgrade and expand their models and ranges each year. This is not unlike what aftermarket rim experts like Method Wheels do.

Besides keeping the product line-ups fresh, launching new tires every year also serves another vital purpose: implementing the latest R&D breakthroughs to increase their life and ensuring superior ride quality.

Note that the list is not arranged in any particular order.

  1. Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max: Topping the list is this superb model from Goodyear, one of those companies which has been taking ecologically-friendly tire technology far more seriously than many other giants. Coincidentally, we had bought a set of these tires plus a forged, 1-piece model of off-road Fuel Wheels in 2021. 

They look and function better than you would believe!

The Assurance Fuel Max range has received pretty heavy promotion across several types of media mostly because the 2022 range comes with a special type of rubber compound that is designed to last for longer. The material is loaded with recycled material which makes the Fuel Max a true green champion.

Available for minivans and pick-ups besides all passenger vehicles, these tires offer spectacular performance on off-road conditions too. That’s an advantage few competitors have.

Goodyear promises that these tubes have been tested for quality several times and they will save you around 2600 miles worth of fuel if you use them properly and do not overspeed. That’s the USP.

You can experiment with oversized 1-piece Forgiato Wheels and the Fuel Max; they complement one another well.

  1. Bridgestone Ecopia EP422: This is your best bet if you drive a full-blooded SUV on most occasions. Also known as the ‘EP422 Plus’, it is one of the bestselling tires across the US and also Asia since they boast top-notch Japanese technology. These are available in various sizes and offer excellent value for money.

The Ecopia range is already pretty well-known for having some of the most high-quality tires that are also ecologically friendly. This specific model offers up to 30% more fuel savings when compared with using standard tires as they are lighter, use more green materials in their construction, have asymmetric tread patterns that ensure the unit lasts for longer. 

The only problem is that these fantastic tires are not widely available because the Ecopia EP422 has been primarily aimed at electronic vehicles or EVs. Plus, the 2022 model has yet to ship in greater quantities.

If you wish, you can perhaps visit AudioCity USA, one of California’s oldest and largest retailers of quality rims like Method Wheels and almost all tire models that are available in the US. They have seldom been known to disappoint!

  1. Toyo Versado Eco: Toyo has quietly revolutionized the passenger vehicle tire industry in the last decade or so. The Versado Eco is one of their all-season models and is essentially a touring tire, meaning you are your best friends when you want to visit another city and you know you’ll have great roads all through.

The Eco too has been launched as the number of hybrid and electric vehicles increase. One great feature of these tires is that they utilize innovative materials. The Versado Eco has recycled polyester as one of the added elements alongside top-grade rubber. 

This is our personal favorite for wet driving as the company has put in every trick in their book to design this specific model that might just be called a flagship Toyo tire model!

On another note, these touring tires look extremely attractive when you pair them with Fuel Wheels, especially if you can get your hands on a matte black rim!

Other models that you might consider and are as good as the ones we just described are the Nokian Entyre 2.0 and the all-new Michelin ‘Energy Saver A/S’.

When in doubt, seek professional advice from your favorite retail outlet. Stick to speed limits and you will save even more fuel!

Happy motoring!

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