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What is NTC and the complete version of NTC in Nepal?

Commission (NTC) is issued guidelines that require that mobile phone unlocks be done for subscribers following the expiration of their lock-in periods with mobile operators. This allows mobile phone customers to change from one Wireless service provider.

Users of mobile phones and devices are the sole proprietors of their devices after complying with the terms and conditions of the subscription agreement within the agreed-upon lock-in period. Phones or devices, should have the option of changing between compatible wireless service providers, giving the consumer greater freedom and flexibility while increasing incentives for service providers to improve and innovate,” the NTC declared in Memorandum Circular 01-05-2019, dated May 31.

What is NTC?

Public telecommunications organizations (PTEs) have to announce on their sites their policies on mobile phone and device unlocking. Postpaid subscribers PTEs upon request will unlock mobile phones, or give the required information about unlocking devices to users of mobile phones after they have completed their service contracts for prepaid or device financing plans, or the payment of early termination charges.

The user should give an explanation as to the reason why the device doesn’t be eligible for unlocking or why it will take longer to process the request. “PTEs that fail to comply with any of the obligations shall be a cause for the imposition of applicable penalties provided in subsisting laws, rules and regulations,” the memorandum stated.

What is NTC and the complete version of NTC in Nepal?

Mobile operators promised their customers that they will adhere to the rules regarding the requirement to unlock mobile phones.

“We are going to adhere to the policy. If you review the policy, customers have the option of switching mobile service providers. We’ll give them the option to do so if they would like to unlock their mobiles,” Yoly Crisanto, Globe senior vice-president for corporate communications, stated in an interview for The Philippine News Agency (PNA).

In the meantime, PLDT-Smart public affairs head Ramon Isberto said the company will assist subscribers when they want to unlock their phone after the expiration of their subscription and follow this blog Techsmagazine.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology issued a memorandum in month to NTC to create guidelines on the requirement to unlock mobile phones. (PNA)

What is the complete version that is NTC Nepal?

In the past decade since the liberalization policies by the Government of Nepal, telecommunication business has dramatically increased and is now accessible to the general population at a reasonable cost since the private sector companies started challenging the government’s monopoly.

At present, Nepal Telecommunication (NTC) and Ncell are the two main companies in the telecom sector in Nepal. While NTC provides all the telephone solutions, Ncell has been exclusively focused on offering Global System for Mobile (GSM) mobile lines. In the last few several years Ncell through its aggressive advertising strategies and superior service, is slowly chipping away at the market share of NTC.

While NTC is still the top choice in terms of the number of subscribers overall, Ncell recently overtook NTC and became the largest service provider and it approves how to take loan in ntc for GSM mobile services across the country. In light of this, the current analysis of two major telecom service providers in Nepal examines the current situation and tries to identify possibilities of managing these issues effectively.

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