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10 best resorts in Kabini that will take you closer to nature

Kabini is a prominent River in South India and is passing through two States, home to one of the luxuriant forest reserves and a big dam. It comes from Wayanad in Kerala, flows into Karnataka, and creates the finest reservoir and backwaters. The greatest Kabini resorts in the vicinity around the Kabini Forest Reserve provide serenity and quiet on the banks of these backwaters. These greatest resorts in Kabini are filled with natural beauty and full of rich flora and fauna, and will delight you forever.

Kabini resorts are among the best and most charming

1. The Serai Resorts

The resorts of Serai are one of the best resorts in the Kabini region, spread across a broad area of about 70 hectares, which offer a splendid view of the countryside. The amazing thing about this resort is that not even 20% of the land was used to develop the resort. For the majority of the country, Kabini is known for its rich flower and fauna. Enjoy the most exquisite waterfront accommodation in the center of Kabini, from the greatest comfortable picnic places and vibrant snacks to the most exciting bike routes. It’s one of Kabini’s best resorts.

2. Evolve Back Resort

The Evolve Back Resort is one of the top resorts in Kabini, inspired by the lifestyles of the tribal villages and originally known as the Orange County Resort. True to its name, the resort’s architectural design evolves back to the huts of many centuries that fit the untamed surroundings of Kabini. Famous for the calm atmosphere and the faultless services of the resort, the tourists are treated to the luxuries of the sumptuous swimming pool huts as well as the jacuzzi huts. In the in-house restaurants of the Kuruba Grill and Honey Comb, you must taste the best of traditional and international cuisine.

3. Waterwoods Lodge

The first-ever private property in all the Kabini resorts is known to have fallen into the premises of the Nagarhole National Park, which also shares the grandeur of the Kabini River. The traveler can only fall in love with the colonial architecture and overlooking the crystal-clear water of the Kabini River. The Waterwoods Lodge offers panoramic views of the Brahmagiri mountain, which is adjacent to two of the famed tiger reserves and provides the perfect setting for an enjoyable holiday.

4. Kaav Safari Lodge

Kaav Safari Lodge is nestled amid one of the largest protected woods in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, near the foothills of the Nagarhole National Park. Kaav Safari Lodge is considered to be a great site to enjoy Kabini’s true nature, one of the top jungle lodges in Kabini. Besides the excellent rooms and decorations, the resort offers its visitors a unique refreshment restaurant, guided hikes through the countryside, and exhilarating bike rides.

5. Kabini River Lodge

Kabini River Lodge, one of the greatest Kabini resorts to encourage environmental tourists, is the successful result of a joint venture between the Tourism & Karnataka Government and Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd. Forestry departments. The vast and exquisite villas, originally the hunter’s headquarters of Mysore Maharaja, welcome guests in their quiet environment and provide a special vacation experience.

6. The Bison

Look no farther than the famed Bison Resort if you’re seeking a resort in that combines the best in luxury accommodation with a value for money experience. The Bison is, without doubt, one of the top affordable resorts in Kabini based on the appearance of camps in Africa and lodges serving the hunting purpose during the British era. You can opt to stay at either a luxury tent, suite cottages, or luxury machans by enjoying the renowned location in between the Nagarhole National Park and the Bandipur National Park.

7. The Peepal Tree

The 22 tastefully furnished cottages at the Peepal Tree offer just that as they are synonymous with calm. Considered one of the most beautiful and charming resorts, staying here will transport you closer to the surrounding fauna and nature. The Peepal Tree offers lush sceneries, refreshing greens, a quiet environment, and great resort options on the banks of the lovely Kabini River. Do not miss seeing the panoramic views during sunrise and sunset, with stunning views of the river.

8. Red Earth Resort

Red Earth is one of the most traditional yet sophisticated resorts in the waters, near the Kabini Dam. The Resort offers a quiet ambiance to rest and refresh the mind, body, and soul as a home away from home. The resort is also quite popular for its fine dining experience and greenery which is the primary source of all the organic veggies utilized by the resort’s chefs.

9. Kabini Springs Resorts

Looking for a tariff that will not bubble your wallets in any of the greatest resorts in Kabini? Just look at the Kabini Springs Resort. Experience perfect bliss on the confines of Nagarahole National Park at the bank of Kabini River, which enjoys its preferred location. The Springs Resort is certainly a lovely oasis for relaxing with your loved ones, away from the hectic bustle of the city, striking a perfect mix between fun, gastronomy, flora, and fauna.

10. Kabini Lake View Resort

From the southern border of the thick Nagarhole National Park, Kabini Lake View Resort is a superb resort along the River, a fantastic getaway from Metropolitan Madness. The cruise in the backwaters is one of the most appreciated activities of the resort because of its popular situation. Enjoy light music by the River at the Kabini Lake View Resort, spend a night in the stars, and do much better while you are soaking in the rich nature.

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