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5 Efficient Tips for Packing Camping Cooking Sets

What you bring for your camping trip will depend on the kind of trip you are going on – and this applies to your camping kitchen too. If you want to experience a gourmet camping dining experience or you want quick straight out-of- the cooler meals – you’ll need to pack correctly. From a full camping cooking set to a camping stove and camping pots and pans – we’ll help you select the camping cooking set equipment you need to ensure that all your culinary  requirements are covered on your outdoor camping trip.

5 Tips for packing your camping kitchen

Having a variety of dinnerware, cookware and cooking utensils at your fingertips is definitely helpful at mealtime. However, when you are on a camping trip – this isn’t always possible. Every single item you pack for your camping trip needs to be considered as it takes up space and can add to your camping weight. This is why choosing the basics is the most important part of your trip.

1. Camping Pots and Pans

When packing for your camping cooking, begin with the basics – your cookware and essentials. There’s an endless selection of camping cookware on the market today but that doesn’t mean you have to become overwhelmed. There are pots and pans specifically designed for outdoor camping – so do your research and find the right set for you. Get yourself a sturdy frying pan, medium sized pot and if possible, a boiler. But of course, consider how many people will be on the trip with you when selecting the size of your pots and pans.

Make sure the pots and pans you choose are lightweight and can be easily packed amongst your camping equipment. Aluminium cookware is lightweight but sometimes doesn’t hold up too well in the elements. So consider purchasing stainless steel camping cookware that offers affordability, portability and durability in the elements. Stainless steel pots and pans also hold up well in camping stoves and camp fires.

2. Cast Iron Skillet

No camping kitchen is complete without a cast-iron skillet! Cast iron is bulky and heavy – however, it is incredibly versatile. It can also withstand the high temperatures of an open fire or stove and gives your camping food an amazing flavour that other cookware won’t necessarily provide. Also be sure to season your cast-iron pieces at home before taking them on the road – that’s a tip for the cooking enthusiasts out there! When cleaning your cast iron skillet – wipe it down with bacon grease after every use as this will help maintain its non-stick finish and keep them from rusting in the elements. 

3. Packing your cooking utensils

Choosing the right cooking utensils for your camping trip shouldn’t be overwhelming. All you’ll really need is a large spoon, spatula and knives and forks. If you have a lot of space there is no harm in adding an extra spoon or cooking utensil. When packing utensils for your camping trip, choose utensils based on your planned meals.

For example, if you are cooking with non-stick coatings then select plastic or wooden spoons to avoid damaging the surface of your pans and pots. If you are using stainless steel or cast iron equipment – metal utensils will work.

4. Dinnerware for your camp kitchen

Make sure to pack a few plates and bowles and to stock enough for everyone who will be eating. You also don’t want to take up too much space with unnecessary extras – so don’t go over the top – people can share! 

People usually turn to disposable dishes and disposable utensils when camping – however, they are not ideal for the environment. Reusable dinnerware and utensils are the better option – so take a look at camping plates, cups, forks and spoons. Numerous styles and designs are available – so you will be able to find the utensils you need and can reuse them over and over again throughout all your camping trips. 

Collapsible camping bowls and cups are also an option and are easy to carry,while saving you space. The best bet is to look for Ilight, durable, and shatterproof dinnerware that is designed to resist stains and scratches.

5. Camping Cups and Mugs

Cups are also vital camping equipment but glass and ceramic aren’t optimal choices for camping trips because of their weight and fragility. There are plenty of sturdy, reusable, shatterproof plastic cups available. For many campers, coffee cups could be considered standard equipment. As is the case with plates, cheap metal camping coffee mugs are available, but once the coffee heats them up, they’re notoriously difficult to hold onto. Take a look at insulated coffee cups and mugs that offer an array of advantages over ceramic and metal. And top tip: If space is limited, use your coffee mugs as all-purpose drinkware. 

It’s never been easier to prepare meals on an outdoor adventure – but with the right camping cook set – you can stock up on everything from camping pots and pans to camping stoves and insulated mugs!

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