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Factors That Influence Mobile Battery Life | A Definitive Guide

Smartphones consume batteries differently based on user utilization. Since nobody wants to be tethered to the electric socket most of the day to charge their phones, you will need to be conscious of how you use your smartphone to extend its battery life for as long as you can.

Here is the list of factors that affect your battery life and the possible ways how to fix it.

Factors that Influence Your Phone’s Battery Life

  1. Size of your battery

First off, the main factor that influences the duration of your phone’s battery life is the capacity of the battery itself. Batteries are rated on milliampere per hour. Most phones nowadays have batteries that are 3,000 mAh or higher. The bigger the capacity of your battery, the longer it will last throughout the day.

To solve this, you may want to get phones like the honor x7 that has a 5,000 mAh battery. According to the company, it runs 20 hours of online video playback or up to 49 hours of nonstop audio calls. And it charges fast, too. You get 3 hours of video playback after 10 minutes of charging.

  1. Chipset

Just like the size of your battery, you cannot do anything to change the chipset of your phone. If you are looking for a new phone, this is where this advice comes in handy. The latest chipset is always designed to be more energy-efficient compared to its predecessor.

Look at the phone specifications and see if it is the latest in the market. For the Honor and OnePlus brands, they use Qualcomm Snapdragon. Samsung has the Exynos processor. Apple iPhones have their Bionic chip.

  1. Screen display

Another factor that affects battery life is the screen display. A bigger screen means it consumes more battery to light it up. If you want to save on battery juice, you might want to opt for the iPhone 13 Mini which has an OLED display of 5.4 inches. A smaller option is the iPhone SE which only has a 4.7-inch LCD screen.

  1. Screen resolution

Screen resolution also affects the battery life of your phone. The market today may have 6-inch phones but not all display 1080p resolutions. Some still have lower 720p while others can go as high as 3840ppi. Some phones offer a battery-saving mode by lowering their display resolution. Take a look at your phone setting and check to see if the device has this option.

  1. Refresh rate

Another factor that influences battery life is the refresh rate. The term “refresh rate” refers to the number of times that the phone refreshes its display every second. For example, a 60Hz rated phone refreshes its display every 60 seconds.

High-end phones can go as high as 144Hz refresh rate. The standard for most phones in the budget and mid-range market is 90Hz. If your battery life is near its end, you might want to lower the refresh rate to save up until your next charge.

  1. Connections

The service provider connection determines the consumption of the battery. Your phone tries very hard to get a connection from your network. It pings again and again to the tower and regularly checks on the signal to have better connections. To resolve this, you might want to look for a location with better network coverage or reception.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections also affect battery life. The same with network providers, most phones will try to check on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, especially if these connections are saved on your devices. You should try to reset your Wi-Fi router or Bluetooth device and check the connection once again.


Battery life length is influenced by several factors. For software and hardware specification problems, the only thing that you can do is to change the unit of your phone. But in terms of user factors, you only have to be mindful of how you utilize your device. Observe your battery life behavior, adjust the settings on your phone, and see its improvement throughout the day. Understand where the drain comes from and be sure to fix it to have longer-lasting battery life.

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