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Things to do in Kedarkantha Trek


At 12,500 feet altitude above sea level, Kedarkantha peak is a mountain which is located within the wildlife sanctuary called Govind Wildlife Sanctuary at the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand state. The Kedarkantha trek is said to be the ‘Queen of Winter Treks’ as the trek happens during the winter months of the year. Sankri, a small village from where the climb to Kedarkantha peak begins. There are almost 13 peaks of the Himalayas which can be witnessed from above the peak. The locals believe that long back in ages Lord Shiva had meditated at this place. It is also said that a drop of water fell from Lord Shiva’s head to form the beautiful lake called “Juda – ka – Talab” which is of a distance of 2,786 meters. 

Top things to do in Kedarkantha trek

Crossing the Re-entrant

Re-entrant is actually a channel that is formed between 2 hills, through which the rainwater flows downwards. You may not feel that space in the manner that is described above but if the trek guide is good enough to teach you new things, then this is an amazing word to add to the dictionary of those trekkers.

Walking on the snow

During the months from December to February, this place has plenty of snow to play with. For an easy walking experience during the Kedarkantha trek, the trekkers are expected to carry micro spike shoes, which are also a comfortable one to walk with on the snowy land. This experience will bring at most joy to trekkers if this is their first experience of the same.

‘I Rule the World ‘ pose at the top of Kedarkantha

It is jaw-dropping scenery at the top of the peak. After a long trek to the top, one will surely feel an accomplishment of the task and will want to make an ‘I rule the World’ pose not just for a profile picture but for a true satisfaction one gets from doing so. Mountain ranges such as the Yamunotri range, the Kinner – Kailash range, and also the Gangotri ranges stand tall just to welcome you as you reach the top of the Kedarkantha peak. The view from the top is also so amazing that anyone would wish to have a profile picture with such an astonishing background. 

Making a tent

As one chooses to trek to the top of this peak, a stay beside Juda Ka Talab lake is an awesome decision. This is the same lake that the locals believe to be the meditation site of Lord Shiva back in history. It is also a holy lake to the locals because of the above reason. This is also the same lake that is known as the Frozen blue lake during the winter. It is also said that this lake is formed from the droplet that had fallen from Lord Shiva’s head. 

Night walk on Kedarkantha Summit day

When the sun is out and is beating the upper layers of the mountain snow, it is very difficult to walk through it during that time. Hence Trekkers usually prefer to walk at dawn to make it a simple and smooth trek. Usually, mountaineers reach back to their camping place before afternoon because post afternoon the climatic condition can vary very much causing it very difficult for the trekkers. Even at the Kedarkantha trek, you will start early in the morning when it’s still dark, on a summit day to avoid those difficulties.

Dashing through the snow

Be it a kid or an adult, the snowy mountains are so tempting that one would love to dash through the snow when you see them. This is always an amazing memory for you to bring back home when you finish the trek. One can never resist doing something of this sort when it comes to the matter of snow. In my personal opinion, one should never resist oneself from being a kid whenever possible and should always cherish even the small bit of happiness that one can assure.

To build the snowman

As a child I have always thought making snowmen at Christmas time is possible only if I could travel abroad. But that is just a myth that I was holding onto. On the Kedarkantha peak that dream is actually coming true, where each individual can take can bring back the child that was lost back in ages and remake that childish behavior of oneself to make a dream come true event of making a snowman and clicking pictures with it to make that memory last long enough for you to remember.

To explore the Sankri village

After the trekking to the peak is done, if you get an extra day, spend it at the Sankri village to know more about their culture, tradition, cuisine, and many more. You will also end up having a feeling to remain at the village for even longer by the hospitality the villagers offer to new visitors to their village. 

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