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Play Now.gg PUBG in India and all other restricted countries

  • You know that PUBG also called “Player Unknown Battle Ground”, is the popular online multiplayer FPS game is banned in countries like India, China, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Jordon, and Cambodia. The main reason cited for this ban is that it is highly addictive. But Now.gg is a free platform where you can enjoy the PUBG game for free even in all the restricted countries. It is not that these countries were not in favor. Earlier PUBG could be accessed in these countries also without any hindrance but some guidelines issued by these countries caused this game to be banned. However, in other countries like the USA and UK, no such policy exists and players can enjoy the game as before.
  • Since the players in these countries were already addicted to the game, they still want to play the game like before. So to save the day, Now.gg has launched PUBG on their platform that can be accessed after visiting their site. Apart from this the Now.gg site also holds other popular games such as Minecraft, Roblox, Among Us, 8 ball Pool, Soccer, Tennis, FIFA, Clash Royale, and other 5000 games on their platform. All the games are free on this cloud website but you might encounter some ads while playing the game. All the games are easily accessible on any device after it has been connected to the internet. One can also save the game progress by logging in to the game. Similar is the case with Now.gg PUBG. It is no different from the other games on their site. The steps required to access the game are universal and hold true in each case. To understand why Now.gg PUBG is the most sought FPS Multiplayer game, let us have some information about the game first.

What is Now.gg PUBG

Now.gg PUBG

  • The Now.gg PUBG is similar to the PUBG game that you play on your smartphone. The only difference here is the platform you choose to play. On your smartphone, you either download the PUBG game from Play Store or App Store. Similarly Now.gg is an alternative to Play Store and App Store here you will find all Android, IOS, Consoles, and PC games for free. The other great advantage of the platform is that it is dedicated to hardcore gaming. In the Now.gg platform you will not find other apps such as Whats App, Tinder, Uber, etc. It is designed to support all types of games only.
  • Now talking about the PUBG game, it stand for Players Unkown Battle Ground and it is a Battle Royale game developed by PUBG studios. The Battle Royal is the inspiration of the game and this version is easily available in countries like India, China, Nepal, and others in App Store or Play Store. The game was first released on 20 December 2017 and its versions are available on PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, Android, and iOS. Across all the platforms the game has completed over 90 million downloads and the numbers are still on the rise. But I know you are least interested in numbers. You are here to inquire how you can unlock Now.gg PUBG from your device. Those steps will be explained in detail but first, you should be familiar with the Now.gg platform, its working, and how you can save the now.gg PUBG game on the cloud.

Now.gg – the free online gaming platform

Now.gg is a reputed online cloud gaming website that hosts more than 5000 games on its platform for free. Now.gg HQ is in California, USA along with branch offices in Seoul, London, New Delhi, Beijing, and Tokyo. It serves the purpose of giving players an option to play games from diverse platforms. Now.gg is a cross-platform gaming site and now there are 80 million plus active users on this site. The numbers are still growing at a great pace. There are premium games, arcade games, Board games, racing games, Multiplayer, and other genres of games having a total of above 20. Once you reach the site you will see all popular games such as Now.gg PUBG on the homepage. To enjoy the games here you simply need to choose the “Play in Browser” option and your game will begin after it has finished loading. These features are just the highlights all the other features of this amazing platform are listed below:

Features of Now.gg site

Free cloud gaming site – There are many sites that provide free gaming but the major drawback is that all those games are outdated games and not premium ones. Now.gg is the only platform where you will unlock premium games such as PUBG, Clash Royale, Among Us, Minecraft, Roblox, GTA, FIFA, and other games. All the games that have recently been mentioned are already available on other platforms such as X-box, PlayStation, but there is an entry barrier. First, you need to buy these expensive consoles to enjoy the game. Second, you have to purchase the game from their platform to play plus there are always some in-game purchases that the developers will pitch you during the game. So the majority of the players lose hope here but not anymore. Now.gg provides all these games for free with the same experience on their platform.

Thousands of games available – Now.gg is the catalog for more than 5000 games where you can find all the versions of one single game under a common platform. The site is regularly updated by the developers and new games are added to increase engagement with the players.  To select the game of your choice you can search in the search menu or navigate from the genre options at the bottom of the homepage. 

Zero storage of your device used – Since Now.gg is a cloud-based platform, you are not obliged to download the game on your device. You can directly run the game in your browser. The only requirement for that to happen is you must have a moderate connection throughout. A connection of 10mbps is sufficient to run any game including PUBG now.gg platform. You can save your storage and allocate it for other meaningful purposes.

Now.gg is Now.gg Unblock – In simple terms now.gg site cannot be blocked by any server or firewalls. This implies that you can play games even in restricted places such as schools, colleges, and offices without getting traced. Still, you should not use this site in an uncontrolled fashion. You must be productive in school and offices and occasionally use these unblocked sites to relax or divert your mind from tedious activities.  Also now.gg site has some hacked versions of the game where you already possess unlocked weapons, all levels, and unlimited game currencies. 

No external hardware or software required – The basic games such as Angry Birds, and Subway Surfer will function smoothly on your device but the issue arrives at core games such as Halo, GTA, FIFA, etc. For such games you either require a console or upgrade your laptop/PC with graphic cards and RAM. But with the help of now.gg you can play all games by installing a third-party software called “Bluestack”. The game will function the same as consoles and gaming laptops on your old device. However, the majority of the games on the now.gg site are still accessible with the help of a browser. Only a fraction of High-end games such as PUBG require Bluestacks installation.

Consumes less data and energy – The minimum requirement for now.gg site to function is 10mbps. Since you are not obliged to download any game on your device, you end up saving a lot of data and energy in the process.

Saves your data on the cloud – Like you are able to store the game progress on your Android, or iOS via Google Play Games and Game Center or with the help of Facebook so that the next time you visit the game you do not have to restart. In a similar manner you can also save the game on now.gg. Now.gg itself does not store the game for you but within the game, you will get options to create ID and Log-in. You are advised to Create an ID at least once so that you do not have to start from the beginning when you visit the game again. You can create your ID either via Facebook login or with the help of an email.

Supports Multiplayer and two-player modes of gaming – Almost all the games on the now.gg platform has multiplayer and two-player features. Now.gg PUBG game itself is a multiplayer online game where you can compete or play as a team with your friends. In PUBG, you can play solo, or 2, 3, or 4 squads. Beyond this, it is not supported in Now.gg PUBG.

Steps to locate now.gg PUBG

locate now.gg PUBG

To locate Now.gg PUBG game, you first require to locate the Now.gg site. Since it is a popular site, it is common that there will be similar-looking websites in the search results that are created to scam you. You need to keep looking at minute details about the site and report if you find any anomalies to – [email protected]

  • To begin, select any device. It can be your phone, PC, Laptop or Tablet. There you need to open the browser and type “Now.gg” in the search bar and hit enter.
  • The search result will show you multiple options here. Select the first result that appears. Now you are on the homepage of the now.gg site. Here at the top, you will see the search bar which has “search for premium games” encrypted in it. 
  • Type the PUBG name here and it will show you the result. As of now “PUBG Mobile: Aftermath” version is the only game available on the site. 
  • Just below the game icon, you will see two options here. The first option is to “Download Bluestacks” and the second is to “Explore More Games”. Since PUBG comes in the high-end gaming category, you cannot play directly on the browser. For PUBG you will have to download the bridge software called “Bluestacks”. 
  • The option to “Play in Browser” is only available for Smartphones. So if you have reached so far from your smartphone, you can directly launch the game on your device. 
  • For PC/Laptop users, Download Bluestacks on your PC/Laptop and install it. Post-installation your game will run smoothly on your device. 

Here are FAQs regarding Now.gg PUBG

Is PUBG available on Now.gg?

Yes Now.gg PUBG is available on the site. You can directly search it on the browser and reach the destination. So far the Now.gg site has “PUBG Mobile: Aftermath” version of the game on their site.

How many players can play Now..gg PUBG together?

While you are playing in solo mode, you compete with less than 100 players in Now.gg PUBG but when you are playing as a squad of 2, 3, or 4 you still have to eliminate others but the maximum person that can be on your squad is 4.

How can I unlock multiplayer in Now.gg PUBG? 

You need to complete Basic training to get the multiplayer option in Now.gg PUBG. Once you are done with that, you need to go to the game lobby. Here you will find the “expand your friends” option.  

Click on this option and navigate to the “Add Friends” icon. You can either add your friend with the help of a username or his UID and then hit send button.

Now your friend has to accept your request and you can synchronize your game with him.

How can I Log in to Now.gg PUBG?

To log in, launch the game on the now.gg platform. Then on the home screen of the game, you will see the Facebook option. You need to enter your ID and password and give the necessary permissions. After some time you will be able to see your friends in the game which indicates that you have successfully logged in to now.gg PUBG. If you do not wish to log in via Facebook, you can opt for logging in via Phone number or email. The procedure for both is also similar to Facebook.

What is the minimum age requirement to play Now.gg PUBG?

The minimum age requirement to play Now.gg PUBG is 16+ years.

Is Now.gg PUBG safe for kids?

No, Now.gg PUBG although is a glorified game and immensely popular, still it is not safe for kids. Since Now.gg PUBG is a First Person Shooter Role Playing game, it involves brutal kills, blood, and violence which is not suitable for kids. Also, it has a chat feature and live voice audio options where players often use foul language, and even kids are preyed upon and bullied or harassed online with this feature. It is therefore for this reason the minimum age requirement to play Now.gg PUBG is 16+ years.

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