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Unblock Now.gg to unlock 5000+ free online games anywhere

Now.gg is the most hyped website when it comes to online gaming. On Now.gg site, you can play free premium games such as Minecraft, GTA, PUBG, Roblox, and other games. Just take the example of  Minecraft in the Play Store, it is available at a premium price of $10 dollars just to download the game. Games like PUBG are banned in certain countries like India, so how will the people of those countries enjoy the games? So all have moved to the Now.gg platform when it comes to online gaming. Here the games that are blocked or restricted in certain countries are made available for players so that they can seamlessly enjoy free gaming. Apart from being a free and unblocked site, now.gg is also an ad-free site where you can directly play games without downloading them. You only require a device that is connected to the internet and voila you can play the game of your choice on this platform.

Now.gg has more than 5000 games on their site and still counting as new games are added after regular intervals for free. The games on the site have been categorized into 21 types of genres, which include racing games, board games, word games, puzzles, FPS, multiplayer and other types of games. The famous games on their domain include Roblox, Minecraft, PUBG, Among US, 8 ball Pool, Basketball Legends, Football League, and others. Almost all of their games support multiplayer and two-player modes for gaming. To have more insight about the website, let us find out some details of Now.gg platform and how to reach here.

Now.gg the best free gaming website

Now.gg is a free cloud platform having 500+ employees who work constantly to deliver you the best games. The HQ of the organization is situated in California, USA, and has worldwide offices in Delhi,  London, Tokyo, Beijing, and Seoul. So far the platform has more than 20 million plus active users that averagely play for 1 hour per day on their platform. The main objective of their organization is to promote cross-platform gaming through their site. You can connect to the developers and founders of their site via Twitch, TikTok, or Youtube for recent updates and feedback.

What is Unblock Now.gg?

Unblock now.gg is a feature of this site. You can enjoy gaming anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet without the fear of being caught. In educational institutions and Workplaces, the PC generally does not open sites that are not related to work or studies. So gaming sites are generally banned in such places or are restricted with the help of Firewalls or servers. Unblock Now.gg does not fall into the category of those sites. You will be able to enjoy those sites on such organizations also however it is not advisable to do so. You must access the Unblock Now.gg site only for recreation purposes that too with prior permission.

The next reason why Now.gg is called Unblock site is that it consists of some games that have been unblocked. These games are the hacked versions of the popular game where all events, weapons, and stages are already unlocked. Moreover, there is unlimited character life and currency in the game. You must approach such games with precaution because this activity can debar you from the original game.

Benefits of Now.gg gaming site over others

Now.gg gaming site

Free premium gaming platform – All organizations run on profit. All tech giants want people to buy their products. This is the same when it comes to the gaming industry. The free versions of the games are first thrown as bait to the players then when they become habitual of playing games, they either ask for payment or stop their game progress so that out of frustration the player ends up paying. To attract more crowds, these industries have now switched to a subscription-based model for gaming where the games are bundled together in a pack and obviously, the best games are kept on the expensive package. To end the monopoly of such studios, Now.gg is here for your rescue. Now.gg will provide you the same game for free on their platform. In return, you only have to watch some ads during the game which you will be able to skip.

Cloud-based resource for 5000+ games – Now.gg hosts more than 5000 games on their servers that include all Android, Mac, windows, ios, and console games. Since these games are based on cloud storage you can direct;y begin your game after it has finished loading. After regular intervals, new games are added to their site which is soon made available for the players to play. The games are specified into 21 categories namely, strategy, action, racing, board games, simulation, multiplayer and FPS games. Here you can find even unblocked games that are basically the hacked version of the original game. In unblocked games, you can get unlimited spawning life, currencies, unlocked weapons, and levels. But it removes all the fun from gaming. You should only prefer the Unblocked games for curiosity and not for daily purposes games. If you play the unblocked games, you might get a permanent ban from the original one as it is equivalent to piracy in terms of gaming.

Cross-platform interoperability – People either have an Android or IOS phone similarly they may have a Macbook or Windows laptop/PC. So these systems come with their own set of limitations. An Android user cannot play iOS games, Windows games, or other platform games similar is the case with other platforms. So now.gg makes this interoperability between devices possible. You only require a Browser on your device and a decent internet connection and you are good to go. You can also choose to download Bluestacks if you are an Android user. Bluestacks software will help you to operate your Android device from your PC/Laptop.

No downloading required – Premium games such as GTA have a file size of around 10GB. If you are a hardcore gamer you must be familiar with the challenges with such large games. So in Now.gg you can choose to play those games by bypassing the downloading option. The game has already been downloaded on their website, and you can directly enjoy the game on your Browser.

Saves time, energy, and data – Since the system requirements in order to enjoy games on the Now.gg website are not much, you can always save time and utilize it somewhere else. Even now.gg platform itself does not consume large data and saves energy.

Playing games reduces stress – This is a generic feature and holds true for all games. But if growing students play educational games, solve puzzles, maths, and scientific games, then they can learn new concepts while having fun.

Supports multiplayer and two-player gaming – Almost all games that are available now.gg platform supports both modes of gaming. However, some games are strictly 2 player games such as Football, Car Soccer, and 8 ball pool where two players compete at a time. In games such as PUBG and Roblox, multiple users play games online at a given time either as random players or with friends.

Game progress is saved – Since the games that you enjoy on the now.gg platform are stored on the cloud, your progress is stored in the online servers. This is an important step because you can start the game from the point where you had previously left instead of beginning from scratch. Though it is completely an optional step, it is always advised to store your game. To do that you need to create an ID in the game and log in. This process will automatically store your game on the cloud servers and retrieve the when you log in again to the game.

No additional hardware software required – If you want to play premium games such as “Hallo” that have better graphics, better frame rates, and refresh rates, then players often end up buying expensive gaming laptops, Play Stations, X-box, or custom PCs. But in 2023 there are abundant alternatives that will provide you the same features with no additional hardware or software installation. The trick to bypass the procedure is playing cloud server-based games and now.gg is the leading service provider for such games. It does not require any graphics card or large RAM. The now. gg requires only a basic device such as a phone or PC with an Internet connection throughout.

How to reach the site?

  • As previously mentioned it is a leading platform for enjoying premium games whenever you are struck by fatigue or boredom. You can easily reach the site using the browser of your device. It can be your phone, PC, Laptop, or Tablet browser. In the browser, you have to type Now.gg, and you will land on this beautiful site after selecting the first option from the search results. 
  • Once you are on the now.gg site, you will see all popular games in the center of the homepage. The search bar will be towards the top of the page and while you scroll down you will find the genre options at the bottom of the page. Now if you already know the game, you can search it on the search bar or select one from the homepage or the genre tab. Now the corresponding page of the game will appear and you can directly play to choose on browser from the option. There are some advantages that you must know before choosing to play on this platform all of which have been explained in detail below.

How to Unblock Now.gg?

  • From the above steps, you have made it to the now.gg site. Your next challenge is to successfully run the game in your browser or through the Bluestacks software. You must know what Bluestacks software is. It is software that allows users to operate their Android device on a PC/Laptop. You have to now search for the game you are looking for in the search bar or navigate the game through the genre options. 
  • By following both steps you will reach the desired game page and you will find two options here which are listed below:
  • Download Bluestacks
  • Play in the Browser (SOMETIMES THIS OPTION IS NOT THERE INSTEAD IT HAS “Explore more Games”)
  • Download Bluestacks – As you are now familiar with the software that facilitates Android usage on PC and Laptops. This is completely an optional step but becomes crucial when you see “Explore more games” besides this option which implies that the particular game cannot be played in the browser and you have to download Bluestacks to play it. With the use of this software, not only you can play games but do all other activities that you usually do on your Android Phone. 
  • Play in the Browser  – If you are short on storage and do not want to download the Bluestacks software, then you can choose this step and the game will directly begin on the browser after loading. Sometimes you will see “Explore more games” instead of “Playin the Browser” in the now.gg platform. So in such case, nothing can be done but download the Bluestack software to enjoy the game. 

Here are some FAQs regarding the Now.gg website.

Is Now.gg safe?

Yes, it is a safe platform for all users. Since it does not ask you for any payment details and data, it is safe to play games here. 

How does Now.gg earn money?

Now.gg earns money by hosting games, and ads on those games. Whenever you play games on the website, before beginning the game or after a particular session has ended. It will show you some ads which you can see and receive in-game rewards.

Does Now.gg have multiplayer and two-player games?

Yes now.gg has thousands of multiplayer and two-player games the most played such games on the platform include:

  1. PUBG
  2. Minecraft
  3. Among Us
  4. Roblox
  5. Halo 
  6. Ludo
  7. 8 ball Pool
  8. Soccer
  9. Teen patti 
  10. Tik tok
  11. Fortnite
  12. Stumble Guys
  13. Agar.io
  14. and many others. 

To play in multilayer and two-player modes, you need to select the mode before the beginning of the game and share your Invite ID with your friends. They will enter the ID on their game and soon join you online either to compete or play as a squad. In a similar fashion, you can also join their invite by following the same process.

How do I Log in to Now.gg?

Now.gg does not ask for any log-ins but you can always login no.gg to the games of now.gg so that you can save your progress on online servers. For that you need to create an ID in the game from the “Home” menu and you will be automatically logged in the next time you visit the site to play that particular game.

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